New player team composition and hero leveling

I started during the last Atlantis event and joined the forum a week or so ago, learned quite a bit here already. Had the income and gems at my disposal for a few 10x summons for both the Atlantis event and the guardian heroes event and also getting the core I already had leveled in supplement to playing religiously. What heroes should I focus on for defense and which for offense? Should I spend mats on Grimm for final ascension or save them for Kiril or just wait for a better blue? Are 3* trainer heroes worth keeping for events? If not then which 3* heroes are worth leveling?

Wow, you’ve got a lot of great heroes already! Now, I’d suggest working on your 4* first as they’re cheaper and quicker to level than 5*, and once at the AM wall (3/60 & 2/60), they’ll be stronger than your 5* too. I’d get at least two rainbow teams of them leveled before bothering with 5*. I see you’ve already started on some, so I’d finish them off on the ascension they’re at then start with the 4*.

If you want to participate in the beginner challenge event, I’d start your 3* after the 4*. They’re super fast and cheap compared to the 4*, and they’ll help fill out your roster more for war, as you need 30+ leveled heroes.

Regardless if you want to participate in the beginner tier or not, I would hold onto one copy of all of your 3*, or at least the ones I list, for war and depth. Also, I’d keep dupes of the better 4* and 5* you get. I prefer variety, so I’d suggest leveling different heroes first before starting on dupes.

When leveling, I would focus on one character at a time per color til they’re maxed or at the ascension wall. If you spread your feeders around too much, it slows your progress down significantly. Also, I wouldn’t start leveling 5* until you have close to enough mats to fully ascend them (4/6 4* mats)


Red: Since Zim is done, I’d start work on Boldtusk first since his buff and heal are amazing, then Gormek for titans since you don’t have Wilbur, then Falcon for green titans, Scarlett for that high attack stat, then Kelile for the fast or Colen for defense (4*) Jahangir is the only red 3* I can see so I’d work with him, but also Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar and Namahage (3*) Zim is an amazing cleanser so out of the 5* you have, she’s the most deserving for ascension. As for Khagan and Kong, I’d level them last (5*)

Blue: Grimm is the best pulverizer so I would definitely ascend him if you can, then work on Kiril for that heal and dragon banner, then Sonya for another fast dispel, then Boril mostly for defensive purposes (maybe second Grimm before him) (4*) Ulmer is all I can see, but Valen, Gato and Gunnar (for the link) are also good. (3*)

Green: Caedmon is great, so I’d ascend him if you can. Then Melendor for the heal and dispel, then Little John for the high attack stat, Kashhrek maybe but you already have Justice who can be your tank so he could wait a little longer- but you’ve already started so why not, Gadeirus for the buff and heal, Skittleskull last. (4*) Brienne is awesome, so are Belith, Berden and Mnesseus, you can work on the other 3* while you wait (if you want) (3*)

Yellow: I’d maybe put Justice aside actually and start Wu Kong immediately for Titans and events. Then Jackal for everything, then go back to Chao for mana control on one, then Li Xiu for mana control on all. (4*) I’d finish Justice out maybe after Wu Kong since you’ve already started with her, but if you do a lot of pulls I wouldn’t spend the darts to take her past 70 (5*). Gan Ju and Kailani for the link, Bane and Melia also (3*)

Purple: Since you have Rigard leveled, I’d start on Tibs for titans and having another pulverizer. Then I’d do Sabina for the heal and dispel, and Cyprian for defense (4*) Guardian Panther is one of the best, so I’d maybe start on her early, after Tibs probably, especially if you have the mats. (5*) I don’t see Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin or Gill-Ra so I’d work on the 3* you have til you get them (3*)

Having a solid attacking and titan team should be your main priority, defense last. You don’t play defense, so for now I’d make Justice your tank, flanked with Rigard and Grimm, Zim and Caedmon in the wings. Caedmon-Grimm-Justice-Rigard-Zimkitha. Not ideal but those are the characters you have leveled currently. Could switch Caed and Zim around, but I’d rather a dispel on the far left (Al moves from left to right).

As for the characters I suggested you level, they’ll all help you with attacking, titans and challenges. Finish what you can for mats, especially titans, wars and challenges. Check out the forum if you wanna learn how to stack for Titans, prepare for challenges, and everything else- or feel free to ask, I’ll help as much as I can. Hope this helps and isn’t too much info, that was a lot of typing lol.


Thanks for in depth information Pandah! Broke it all down in a way I could understand, appreciate it. Yellows are currently going to Wu and reds for Boldtusk, being noob I didn’t know they were too great for anything so I neglected them -__- gonna go ahead and give Grimm that final ascension and hold off anymore pulls until Christmas event since I have too many unleveled heroes already. Thanks!