New player - Looking for roster advice

I’ve been playing casually for about 3-4 weeks now, and have assembled a 3* team. I decided to spend some money on a couple of Atlantis x10 pulls to see if I could grab some 4s and/or 5s on the quick. I was able to grab six 4* and Zimkitha from a bonus pull.

Here is my current lineup:

Tyrum 3/50
Brienne 3/50
Bane 3/50
Sonya 2/42
Hawkmoon 3/50

Additional 4* which I’m trying to level up, and haven’t put into the team yet:

Wilbur 2/46
Proteus 2/19
Danzaburo 2/6
Gadeirus 2/12
Boril 1/1

Here is a roundup of the additional 3* heroes that I haven’t started leveling up yet:

Gan Ju

First off, is my current defense team lined up correctly? I’ve been reading that Wilbur and Proteus are great 4* heroes, but I’m having a hard time working them into my lineup. Especially Wilbur. If I replace Hawkmoon with Wilbur, I miss the heals. If they are both in there, it seems a bit clunky without one hero of each color. Sonya/Wilbur/Proteus are the three 4* heroes I’m trying to get up as fast as possible.

My other concern is how to work in Danzaburo and Gadeirus when they are leveled as I don’t really have another 4* healer to replace Hawkmoon. Or do I need one? The final “problem” is where to put Zim when I can finally start leveling her up.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You have full lineup of a rainbow team - so keep leveling them 4-s
Wilbur 2/46
Proteus 2/19
Danzaburo 2/6
Gadeirus 2/12
Boril 1/1

Ignore 3 * for now - but dont eat them. They are good in AW-s Keep 30-40 heroes in your roester at all times just to use all your attacks. Since You spent some money already i will not hurt to buy 5x hero capacity increase as well.

Zim can chill until you have finished with Wilbur

Also buy VIP and develop your stronghold to lvl 15 first then to lvl 20 to get that last training camp - this effectivly makes heros grow 25% faster

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Could be. I would switch Hawkmoon with Sonya, because I don’t like healers on the wing. Less chances of actually being beneficial to your team. Sonya is fast so she could definitely be able to use her special attack on the wing.

Wilbur is said to be a game changer on basically every aspect of the game. His attack boost and shared damage will be a huge advantage to you concerning survivability and damage output. I would basically include him on everything with the hero bench you have now.

Proteus could be considered as a game changer as well. Mana block has shown to be useful for all aspects of the game as well. Titans and event/quest bosses not firing their special attacks. Your raid attacks being easier, because you can prevent nasty special attacks from firing. On raid defense, he could possibly do the same if the AI fires it correctly. But seeing he aims at 3 targets, the AI will have a better chance at using him with more benefit for your team. Basically, a great hero considered his mana block. He also has a DOT effect, so that makes him even more useful.

That depends on what you’re facing. If you fight a green titan for example, including both Hawkmoon and Wilbur will increase your score quite a bit already. I never use a rainbow team unless I am farming. If you want to read about the benefits of color-stacking, here’s a thread about that: Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

You can still use Hawkmoon for a while, especially when paired with Wilbur. His shared damage will make her survive longer in battles with higher difficulty. I would however level up Belith and replace her for Brienne as the healer for your team. Her special attack is more valuable than Hawkmoon’s. Nevertheless, Gadeirus heals himself and nearby allies. Paired with Wilbur and next to Wilbur, his healing ability could be sufficient enough for some parts of the game, but a ‘‘heal all heroes’’ hero is of course a better option.

Danzaburo is a gambling hero, but the 2 ‘‘useful’’ parts of his special attack are in fact very useful. As he is your only 4* yellow, I would definitely consider leveling him up.

I don’t have a lot to say about Gadeirus. Perhaps someone can tell you more about him.

Not yet, I would suggest you to focus on your 4* heroes first. They are easier to level up and have less ascension material costs, but will give you the possibility to get every ascension material from quests and events.

This means I would continue working on:
Wilbur, Proteus, Danzanburo, Sonya, Gadeirus (or Belith first)

Once you can’t ascend them any higher due to a lack of ascension materials, you could work on your 3* heroes in order to give your hero bench more depth. Also, instead of blue and red 3* heroes, Kelile and Boril are good options to bring to 3/60 also.

Melia, Namahage, Gato, Gil-Ra and Belith are the 3* heroes I would work on first.

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Judging by the level of your heroes, you have been playing far longer than 3 weeks, and definitely not casual. All that leveling you show there takes an immense quantity of feeder heroes, impossible to gather in only 3 - 4 weeks of casual playing. Hell, it would be impossible to gather in such a short amount of time if you grinded the map 24/7.
Anyway, that is beside the point. The point is that in 3 or 4 weeks you stand absolutely no chance of gathering the ascension mats needed for a 4* team (5* is out of the question), even if you spent a million $.
So I would advise you to forget Zim for a while, and slowly work on your 4* heroes (for they will be the back bone of your army for a long time), as soon as you got the mats to ascend them. Remember, an unascended hero is shooting blanks at the enemy.


Wow, he says he’s been playing for 3 or 4 weeks! SH 20 is a world away, even with VIP. The real problem is the ascension mats. After only one month of gamepaly, it is possible he doesn’t even realize that the final ascension of heroes take not only feeders but a hoard of unfarmables.

Yes - but VIP is the cheapest source of gems as well and mats are not so important in the beginning - building the base is. At least it was for me. Upping the mines and watchtower first along the stronghold gets you more…well everything.

If one starts focusing heros and world map progression first what happens is he runs out of farmable mats much more useful later on tough titans and gets nowhere since in the beginning titans dont give much. And 4-th TC means +25% of hero growth. That is huge

You are right about the importance of base building, and about the usefulness of VIP (if you decide to spend money) VIP is a great deal, but it is not a “must have”. My SH is 19 soon to be 20 and I never used VIP. This game is a long run, so rushing things is kind of beyond the point. I think VIP is great because it gets you gems, not for the second builder, which I never felt the need for.
I disagree about leveling of watchtower and mines though… My watchtower is 10 and mines are 12. I always have more iron that I can store, even if my storages are all 17. A higher watchtower could bring you much trouble, as you may become the target of those who raid for ham and iron. Farms, on the other hand, should be all the way up.

Correct - with 1 builder yes you have too much iron

With second builder i never have this problem - both are always working on something and my WT is 15, all mines 18

You are right about raiding though - i read that some players have even decided NOT to build WT but this is a double edged sword - with raiding you get free raiding revenges and missed food/iron production

I dont know - spending 6 EUR on VIP in a country where beer in a bar costs also 6 EUR seems like a no brainer, everybody can drink one beer less in a month;)

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The game would be dull without raiding… No watchtower, no fun.
By the way, beer is very expensive in your country :wink:

@Snusnu, the first thing is you do not need a defense team…no matter how high you have built your watchtower. If you empty the tower regularly, there is nothing to be lost. It was a big deal a year ago, but not now. Trophies gain you nothing.

You seem to have worked quickly in team building. Good work. Now, focus on your 4s and only your 4s. A 5* will make too great a demand on your resources at present. The real dilemma will be about saving materials to ascend a 5 vs a 4.

Good luck.

Troll Akademi is a training alliance if you need it

@Snusnu, please disregard this statement! It’s just wrong on so many levels… Let me put it this way, think of your defense team as your national football team. Nobody needs one, still everybody has one! If you choose not to set a defense team, you will be missing half the game… the better half I would say… as @Bud says, trophies gain you nothing… except for the fact their number determine the range from which your raiding enemies are chosen, thus influencing your whole gameplay experience…

To do important things like rare quests and some events and challenges that will get you ascension mats, you need full team healers. Level Belith as she both heals and dispels.

Wilbur is amazing and there’s no reason you can’t run 2 reds and skip another color. Until you get a 4 star or better healer I’d max out both hawk moon and Belith.

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Thank you to everyone who has responded so far!

Went back and looked, and yes, I’ve been playing for almost 6 weeks…I guess time has flown! Never said anything about being casual though. :slight_smile:

I’ve basically been trying to power level the feeders. My Stronghold is still only at Level 12 right now, so still have quite a ways to go! I did sign up for VIP a couple of weeks ago, so the second builder helps.

So, I will move Wilbur back into my lineup and continue practicing with him. In the meantime, I think I’ll try to level up Belith quickly in order to get another healer available. Should Wilbur be my tank now instead of Bane? Seems to have a higher defense and health already. I’m thinking of this lineup:

Tyrum or Proetus?

Any other ideas?

i would replace brienne with belith and leave out hawk moon for bane if you want to go rainbow.

Proteus will go further in the game than Tyrum. Tyrum should not be fed as he will have other. Lesser, uses.

Pls, explain how defense is the better half of raiding.

Better analogy is pro basketball and tanking. You let cups go to get easy chests and resources. This is analogous to “the process” that builds a winner out of some early losing.

I am 6 mo in and still missing a healer…BUT Kong and Proteus and lesser healthpots (2000 health) help

Forced to play without healers hurts in AW-s though…maybe next month there will be healer for me

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Sorry, my friend, but you are just plain wrong… You don’t enjoy raiding, do you? Defense protects the trophies you gain raiding. Weak defense means trophy number drops and that is not a good thing… The amount of trophies determine the arena you raid in. The arena you raid in determines the enemies you face and the rewards you get from your chest. There is no fun in facing foes that are way weaker than your attack team. Also,

these are some platinum chest rewards, including today’s. I get this kind of rewards at least once a week, more often probably. You don’t get this in gold, not to mention silver…

This is how defense plays a crucial role in the game’s economy… plus it makes high level opponents available for you.

@Snusnu, this is your topic, you decide what is right for you. But I advice you keep the strongest defense you have available, if you want to enjoy everything this game has to offer.

I also don’t have a healer available for every war team, but I find 3* sniper teams very efective against an evenly matched opponents. But you definitely need healers for a complete game experience.

You’ve been given great advice here and i don’t want to parrot all of it, so I just want to mention; once you go back to leveling up your 3 stars, i would recommend prioritizing belith, gunnar and kailani. They’ll come in handy more than you expect

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