New player - Looking for roster advice

Great 3* heroes all three of them. Help keeping your team alive especially in events where you can feed mana to the spirit linkers. And Belith is by far the best 3* healer available. Very good choice.

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Cup dropped 200 in the night. Gotit back filling morning chest.

Hated every minute. Sturdy shield made it okay

@Snusnu, the above is only half the story. After my screenshot was taken, I cleared my watchtower and closed the game. While writing the above post and other things, I was raided four times. 84 cups and 272 hams.

The lesson is cups and ham can be replaced through your own raiding including revenges. And, your resources will be far greater after the cycle because most players are lazy where the watchtower is concerned.

Now I really don’t get it… you say trophies gain you nothing, still you got over 2400 of them as you raid in diamond. And still you talk about defense team being unimportant? I bet you have a pretty strong defense team yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself in diamond… For me, 200 cup drop over night is not a big deal whenever I reach diamond. Last time in only 12 hours I went from 2600 to 2200, where my defense is able to keep balance. Anyway, whenever I reach into diamond, I do a lot of re-rolling. And I see the defenses of diamond players. They are all mostly made out of maxed 5* and lots of HOTM’s. You hardly see any 4* heroes… So I would say those are the best defenses those guys have available… I hardly meet any cup droppers in platinum, I never met one in diamond… You have a very twisted vision of the game, no offense intended. I would really like to know what your usual defense team is. I bet you are using 5*'s.

Kiril is my healer. Same team off/def.

How high you go is about attack. Attack is driving force in E&P. I am in diamond as a rule with 2775 high, but was under 2400 yesterday.

Filling chests and grabbing ham is what raiding has been to me since 10 months ago. It is farming without craft items.

We have totally different visions about raiding. I neither ever raided for ham and iron, nor did I ever thought that doing so would gain me anything. To me raiding is about two things: first, winning against a stronger opponent and second, the chest rewards. Ham and iron are the last possible things on my mind when I choose my oponents. We do agree about one thing though. Attack is the driving force of the game. Althought I also think a strong defense is very important too. I only went as high as 2608, but got there using only 4* heroes as I have no 5* get.

A word about the watchtower. When I started playing a year or so ago, a raider could (just about) completely empty whatever was in the watchtower with a single attack, but since changes were made that took into account the attackers and defenders strength and level this is no longer the case. As a consequence all the advice about not leveling the watchtower was made moot. A fully leveled watchtower can generate the food of roughly 3 maxed farms and also grants a significant amount of iron as well, so if food/iron production interests you, perhaps leveling the watchtower is something to think about. Cheers! :smiley:

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Almost 11 months for me, and the vip needed every bit of resources I could get. After the cup dropping “nerf”, it was slower building by alot.

Now, I still raid for ham and recruits.

As I said before, ham and iron are the last thing on my mind. Somehow I always seem to have my storages owerflowing. So I do not level the watchtower not because of the fear of getting raided out of my hams, but because I just never needed it. I have 30 maxed heroes, my SH will be 19 tomorrow morning, I’m leveling troops as fast as I can and still I have over 3 M food stored in TC13 and hundreds of recruits in TC11. I got to this level in just under 5 month and never used VIP. So I afford the shadow of a smile when somebody tells me how much I need VIP or talks about the benefits of a high level watchtower…

Well I’ve played this game a ton over the last year, have 30 fully leveled 4* and 5* and dont have the millions of food and hundreds of recruits to spare so we must play the game in different ways. Glad I could make you smile.

Well, I can assure you that the ham does not come from the watchtower, as mine is level 10. Choosing to be f2p and not signing up for VIP makes you pay a lot of thought to which buildings you should level and which not. I didn’t have the luxury of leveling buildings I didn’t have the need for. I hope I will also get a few 5* and replace my 3* with 4* over the next 6 month. Until then I’ll keep to my humble level. You know, only a small group of players have 5* teams. Only about 20.000 raid in diamond where you usualy meet the maxed 5* defenses, while most of the other 2 million plus players don’t even have one maxed 5*. So we definitely play the game in different ways…

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