Please help with my lineup

Hey guys,

I need help organising the best defense and offense teams out of my heroes. I’m currently running (left to right) Rigard +7, Zim, Poseidon, Ursena, Lianna.

I’ve also got Sartana, Horghall, Isarnia, Richard, Cptn Kestrel, Elena, G. Owl, Margaret in various stages of development.

4*'s I have Wilbur, Proteus, Triton, Gadeirus, Wu, BT, Kiril, Grimm, Li Xui, Sonya, Caedmon maxed, G. Falcon, Gormie.

Out of those heroes - not considering levels (I’m just wondering who I should prioritise) which lineup would be the best defense/offensive teams. Thanks guys

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Hi I am new to the game.

I do not know who to level up first. Can anyone help please?

Also who would you have on team 1. and Team 2.

Thank you so much in advance a new player

In my honest opinion you are better focusing on your 3* teams to begin with. Try and set up 3 x 3* rainbow teams before you level any 4*. Leave 5* until the end.
To begin with, I would level:
Gunnar and


Idk exactly how varied your “various stages” of maxing is… but if those 5 are the only ones you have maxed I would run rig and zim next to each other since they both cleanse.

I want to thank those who provided feedback for a new player it really makes you enjoy the game more.
Your opinions are appreciated

I want to thank those who provided feedback for a new player it really makes you enjoy the game more.
Your opinions are appreciated

Thank you would you level Colen only red I have?

Would you level Colen next since it’s only red I have? Thank you

Colen is slow, not the best to start with.
I would level Hawkmoon first and hopefully you’ll get a more desirable red.
JGE answer is great, you need 3*"s a first, they will get you the mats. Needed to ascent the heroes.
Rigard could be levelled to 3/60, along Caedmon, those are the best you have in 4’s
Wait on the 5*, they’re a lot of work and mats. to max.
Hope it help.
Have fun.

Sorry i missed Belith, she is the better choice. :grin:

Sorry. That should have been wouldn’t run them next to each other.

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I’d do belith of hawk for the dispel… but both are decent healers for 3*. Caed def needs to be maxed. You’ll use him for a long time. Rigard too… finish those that are on final stages… Colen isn’t a bad choice imo… especially in some of the raid tournaments. Maybe 3/60 and then maybe you’ll have Scarlett by then.

Zim - Lianna - Ursena - Poseidon - Rigard

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3* - Gil-Ra / Belith / Balthazar / Jahangir / Valen / Bane / Brienne

4* - Caedmon / Rigard / Colen

Yes I would level Colen to max and give him one emblem. When you get to the point of levelling 4* I would also finish Rigard and Caedmon. You will use those two heroes a lot

Agree with @JGE. It’s best to get some solid 3* teams maxed in your roster before moving on to 4*. I’d highly suggest minimally having 2-3 rainbow teams of 3* then consider starting on the 4*

Please take it from someone who made this mistake. If you pull the best 5* in the game now, leave it alone or you will waste so much time and resources and become discouraged. Wait until you can Field a full 6 teams for alliance wars and have a good stock of AM’s before messing with those 5*. Good luck!! Let us know how you are making out occasionally!! It’s always good to see new players here, glad to have you!!

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You should create a new post for this yourself.

It’s not considered polite to ‘hijack’ someone elses post. If you do that and tag me, I’ll give advice. :slight_smile:


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I have Sartana and Isarnia at 3/70, Elena at 2/60, all the others are untouched or on 1st/2nd Chevron. I have mats for blue 5* final ascension, but I need to choose between Richard and Isarnia. I also have Obakan but I’m leaving him until Sartana is maxed - just waiting on a tabard.

I’m not sure whether to replace Zim with Elena for riposte as Rigard can cleanse…

Decisions, decisions!

Twenty thank yous.

Should I start this post again? I’m very confused :joy:

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