F2P Team Planning


other than VIP I am F2P and relatively new. After doing 11 pulls yesterday, I have some choices and could really need some input.

My priorities are titans, than raiding/AW, and right now also map play, since I still cannot complete the harder stages of events and regular seasons.

My current roster:
yellow: Hu Tao 3/60, Bane +6, Gan Ju +0, Kailani +0 (Melia 1/1)
red: Boldtusk 4/53, Namahage +6, Nashgar +0 (Wilbur 1/1)
green: Skittleskull 3/60, Elkanen 2/50, Berden +7, Brienne (Gadeirus 1/1, Mnesseus 1/1)
blue: Kiril 3/60, Valen +0, Ulmer +0 (Sonya 1/1, Isarnia 1/1, Gato 1/1)
dark: Ameonna 3/60, Tyrum +6, Balthazar +0 (Proteus 1/1)

Ascension Mats: 2 compasses, 4 gloves, 3 capes, 6 blades, 7 shields, 2 orbs, 5 trap tools

My leveling plan is to finish Boldtusk, then focus on Wilbur. Dark is also easy, I am going to save the trap tools for Proteus. Blue, the safe choice is probably Sonya over Isarnia? I am also not sure if I should give the capes to Kiril should I get a 4th since I have BT. Green I don’t really know what to do now, especially wrt to ascending. Gadeirus might be good for titans, but I don’t really see him fitting well in other aspects because I am already heavy on buffers.

Appreciate all inputs. I also don’t really know how to create a good defensive team with synergies out of that roster.


My advice… Kiril is over BT so try max him! You’ll see that is more efficient

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Hu Tao, BT/Wilbur, Gad, Kiril, Prot.

Best team you have.

Seriously, level Gad.
Best def tank you have.
Leave skittles where she is.

Finish Boldtusk, do Wilbur, capes for Kiril, Gadeirus over Skittle and last but not least get those trap tools for the demi-god Proteus.

You cant be f2p if you have VIP :face_with_monocle:

I think you’ve mostly got a good plan:

Red: Finish Boldtusk, then go with Wilbur.

Blue: Finish Kirl, then work on Sonya. I suspect you are using Ulmer to drop defense on titans. If you can get Wilbur to handle that job, go with Sonya tp debuff.

Purple: Proteus, Proteus, Proteus. He is amazing against anything that generates mana to hurt you - like everything difficult in the whole game.

Yellow: I’d work on leveling Melia. She’s good, has a nifty power for a 3*, and even has a good class as a Druid that isn’t green.

Green: I don’t have Gaderius, but find him annoying in raids. Skittleskull is a hero I have, but still sits at 1/1. I push Gaderius up and see if you like him.

I just can help you set your defense. Proteus (my lovey dovey hero late 3 months, made me done all stage on the map s1/s2), Kiril (his defense buff better than boldtusk, I still don’t have him, but I’m glad if I get one), Gadeirus (my long term tank, but now change to bolt), and melia (Hu tao good, but he’s slow). Proteus, Wilbur, Kiril, Gadeirus, Melia. I pray you get Li xiu next.

Thanks guys for the input. Gadeirus seems to make sense. I wasn’t planning on ascending Skittle, but I was thinking about bringing Elkanen to 3/70.
I probably was a little bit too much set on BT since he is my only 4* in the 4th ascension. Kiril with Gadeirus makes more sense, less overlap of offensive buffs compared to BT. Does it still make sense to give emblems to BT then?
I might try to power level Proteus with everything I have just to progress further in S2 (province 12 now) and maybe even Sand Empire.

til now, I just emblemed my Proteus. then you could do Proteus, Wilbur, Kiril, Elkanen and Melia to be your defense. But I’ve met emblem BT on raid and he revive twice. That’s a bit annoying.

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