Help with team building please!

Hey everyone,

I want help with 2 things:

  1. Building my best def team and an overall analysis of my pool and what I should be running in most cases for offense

  2. Any suggestions of what heroes I should be leveling from my pool, and which ones I DON’T have I should be trying to get (or I guess I should say hoping to get) for best-fit purposes.

Here is my current pool:


Defense Rigard Evelyn Ares Kiril Joon I reckon

Debuff and defense down heroes suggested for depth for further training

I lean more towards:

Zimkitha | Evelyn | Ares | Kiril | Joon

Even though Zimkitha is low 20s in levels, she gives a nice attack boost + fast cleanse.

After you finish maxing out Joon and Zimkitha I’d work on more 4 stars, just so you round out more of your war teams with more powerful heroes faster.

I was thinking more of what the ideal team would be assuming all my heroes were fully leveled and fully ascended. I wonder how worthy it is to have, for example, a fully leveled zim or misandra in place of one of my 4* healers, because I have no 5* healers.

That is something I strugle with… I don’t know if I want to do that, because I would have: Chao, Cyprian, 2 Rigards, Wu Kong, Tiburtus, Kiril, Kashrek, Sonya, Grimm… Quite a bit of fully leveled 4*… I do want to level wilbur after zim, because I don’t have another 5* red I can up, and wilbur is an amazing 4*. However, I will probably focus on Elkanem after Kashrek, because I don’t really care for any of my other green 4s, and I DO have 6 tonics for the final ascencion (although I would have to weigh that against leveling Margareth, which I just got today)
As far as blues, I could go for either Isarnia or Boril after I am done with Misandra (I really don’t know about THAT one, because I don’t even have scopes for misandra, much less for isarnia, and I am not a fan of her, while Boril would be super useful for many events, map stages, and war against high attack teams that overpower me). For purple I don’t really have a choice, I have no purple 5
, so I will have to level yet ANOTHER purple 4* (most likely tiburtus). And for yellow, another dilemma… I don’t want to invest time in G. Owl, because I am not a fan, but I do want to get Onatel up to speed (only 10 levels left) before I work on another 4* (already have chao and Wu, but li xiu or Gretel would be worth the orbs too, I believe).

in other words, I am helpless and anxious lol

That is VERY close to what I am running, I usually go Grimm, Rigard, Ares, Evelyn, Joon

I think the extra damage and def reduction fits better, instead of 3 healers, but I actually ran the setup you just mentioned for most of last month.

Misandra is great when maxed. I have her in my defense and her special triggers quite often to allow others to fire as well. Quite a few players from the top alliances have her in their defense. She is worth the scopes.

As you just pulled Margaret, I’ll pick her over Elkanen and use her in defense.

For your defensive team, I’ll probably go:

Misandra - Evelyn - Ares - Margaret - Joon

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