New player. Help set up defense

Hi. I’m new to the game and need some help setting up my raid and war defense. What should I use now and who should I level up quickly. All help is appreciated

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Just put your strongest of each color on your def for now. It’s not that important in the beginning.

Level up 3* first, than concentrate on 4* and wait with your 5* for say half a year.

Build a solid roster of 30 rares and epics (maybe 15 each) before starting your legends to not get stuck on lack of resources.


I would at this stage focus to get a couple of 4* heros to 3.60. You have some good ones there :

Level them one by one. I would probably do Li first and use her as tank in defense.

Don’t go that way, that’s a common mistake. Take your time, try to understand the way the game works, don’t rush into leveling 5* heroes you won’t be able to ascend. Build a 3* team, than a 4* team. After you have those up and running and only then, start thinking about 5* heroes. By that time, you’ll probably realize how slow ascension mats for 5* heroes become available. Oh, and be careful choosing an alliance. I recommend one where you’re the underdog, hitting titans slightly above your pay station. That’s your best option for getting 3* ascension mats to level-up your 4* heroes. And once in a while, if you’re (very) lucky, you might even get a 4* mat…


I certainly appreciate the advise. Let me ask, (not a flex) let’s say a person had my roster and means to spend money somewhat freely, would the same advise apply?

yes. It’s not about the heroes you own only but also the ascencion materials you need to collect. Some solid 3s and 4s will serve you for a long time while you collect to get stronger over time

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Awesome. So, looking at my threes. Where’s a good place to start and, are any of them glorified “feeders” that I would be wasting my time leveling?

I would save your 4’s and 5’s. Your 1st rainbow team of 3 stars should be Oberon (your only purple), Melia, Gato, Brienne or Carver (Brienne is better on offense and Carver on Defense) and since you are missing a healer and a 3 star red, I would try to level up Boldtusk. I would also make sure you are in a good training alliance that will help with questions along the way. There is an alliance recruitment page here if you need to find one.

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I do have bjorn and ei-Dunn how’s this? I didn’t have my full 3* roster in first pics.

I don’t mean to sound rude… but is this a joke?

At least 2 of the heroes you listed are way better tanks than Li… I would even argue all of them to be honest. I like Li and she’s great as a starting hero, but I don’t think it’s very good advice to use her as a tank.

Not to say don’t level Li, but if you want a tank go with Kiril or Boldtusk hands down.


I have both Bjorn and ei-Dunn but I don’t have them leveled yet. I heard Bjorn is a beast and will work on him in a few weeks to assist with tournaments. I would pick him before Oberon. Ei-Dunn is pretty average stat wise, but she does help control the mana of the other team so that they don’t blast you with their specials. In the end, once you have a few 3 star teams, you will see who works well together and what gamestyle suits you. You will also have the ability of color stacking because attacking in raids is tougher when you take one of each color. It is easier to kill the enemy when you use 2 or 3 heroes of the same color (preferably that is strong against their tank) and attack that way. I would use one of each color for your defensive team though.

Edited to add that I didn’t see Nordri and the next post by @Olmor is some good advise as well. They have been at it longer than I have.

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Nordri followed by mini Chicken is a crazy damaging combo.

Brienne is the best green 3* tank and may enforce the blue combo even more.

You need at least one healer, so go Boldtusk, since he’ll still be useful for the very late game.

And then do Björn, Melia and your other S3 rares.

That done, focus on some epics, Kiril, Sabina, Wu and Li Xiu.

You can level up Gravemaker from time to time to get first hands on the big ones and he definitely is one of if not the best hero of the game for every situation.

After that grind you’ll already have your own way of playing and your own opinion on every single hero.

Don’t summon too much, since unleveled heroes are kinda frustrating. Good luck.


He already have one 4* at 3.60 which is Sabina so I wouldnt go purple or healer with my second one.

Li is an underrated tank, she has equal or slightly better defensive stats than Kiril. Slightly worse than Boldtusk.

Li is graded B as tank (her best position), just as Kiril and Boldtusk. And her special is annoying to face.

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So far I have kept by-ulf over Breanne simply because he has healing. I keep him on the flank with bjorn I center (I know boldtusk is the better tank, but this is offensive) and melia on the wing. By-ULf giving melia and bjorn both an attack and defense buff as well as keeping them healed seems to be a big deal. I’ve played around with my blues and like nordie the best and will probably change boldtusk out for hawk moon to get a true 3* rainbow.


Some general advice from me:

Same advice goes with 3* heroes before the 4* ones. Probably only need 2-3 rainbow 3* squads before working on 4* heroes.

Hmm I was not aware of this, I never had a problem facing her and when I used her as a tank in tournaments my defense was always obliterated.

I still would prefer a tank that gives me a boost on defense / attack, but I guess that’s more to personal preference than the hero ability to play that role.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

So, what if you had to put together a 4* with my roster. Not based on what they are now, but based on their potential.

Hi as a fellow p2w, the best advice I can give you is to do elemental summons at the beginning stages of the game. Having 3x maxed 4* heroes in each color will carry you a long way through the game, especially if you then throw some emblems on top.

When I first started I made the mistake of doing epic summons because everybody loves legendaries. Well got a whole lotta nothing but thankfully did pull a few really good S1 4*s like Rigard, Boldtusk, and Grimm, which really helped to enhance my early game. Then I looked for weak spots in my roster color-wise and hero-wise and did I think 2 elemental summons each in blue and green, which made my roster a bit more rounded.

The basic idea is if you’re spending, you want to build a team capable of finishing the rare quests and at least the epic tier of challenge events ASAP for those guaranteed mats and emblems, which in turn will allow you to grow your heroes/roster and finish even more quests/events.

Forget about the 5* heroes for now, no seriously, they’re a chore to grow even at my level (SH20, all farms at lv 18), and if you’re just starting out, they will drain you of every single ham and feeder you can get your hands on and barely give you anything in return. Grow a good roster of 4* heroes so you can start finishing everything in the game. They will also make the mid-game experience much more enjoyable for you than if you were to slowly putter along 5*s only to hit the mat wall at 2/60 and be severely frustrated.

P.S.: Following the great advice people gave on these forums, here’s how I progressed (with a lot of spending admittedly):

3 weeks in:

3 months in:

There’s no way I could’ve progressed this much had I kept pulling for 5* until they showed up and dumped everything into them. The general advice of building up rainbow teams of 3* and 4* first is extremely sound and I’m living proof of that. :slight_smile:

Woah, hold up there! You got Gravemaker!? Just in case you didn’t know, that’s easily one of the best 5* in the game right there. He’s an all-time champion. I saved for months, did 50+ summons hoping for that guy, but he didn’t come. Just want you to know, you got him, you’re off to a good start. You have a red 5* that, as I expect, will never be replaced nor surpassed. That is a shiny start. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said

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