Newer to Game. Need advice

I’m newer to game (only level 26). I am looking to see what hero’s I should focus leveling for a great defense team and what positions to put them at. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Nice roster. Some general advice:

  1. Choose one hero of each color and run with it until it’s maxed (or you’re missing needed ascension mats)
  2. Level these five heroes in parallel, using matched color feeders. i.e., use you blue 1* and 2* to power up you blue 4* (and eventually 5*)
  3. Hold on to your developed heroes (3* and better). You’ll need 30 minimum for alliance wars. Extra hero slots can be bought cheaply in the Store.
  4. Prioritize heroes for Titan hits over defense specialists at first. Doing well against big titans is the best way to get more rare ascension mats. Losing some raid trophies overnight is less important.
  5. Focus on building a solid base of 4* heroes. These take far fewer feeders and ascension mats to bring up and will serve as the backbon of your team for a long time.


Finish Rigard, then Tibertus. Rigard is a great healer, and he just needs feeding now. Tibertus is one of the powerful Ramming Pulverizer trio (along with Grimm and Gormek) who are great in any role but particularly against titans.


Focus on G. Jackal. Hope for Wu Kong. I’d work on Joon next if Wu doesn’t come along — the other yellow 4* don’t add much to your bench.


Toughest category. If you hadn’t invested in some development already, I’d be thinking Buddy then Melendor (to give you a non-purple healer). Given that you’ve got some training done already, I’d get both LJ and Gadeirus up to 3/60 first. Evelyn is a superb hero who you should start after you’ve got Buddy and Melendor maxed.


Finish Kiril, great hero. He can tank for the time being. Grimm next, for his huge offense and defense debuff. Then Aegir, who can replace Kiril as tank.


Finish Scarlett then Gormek. Together they’ll be big against green Titans.


I’m assuming your top line is the current defense, which looks fine.


I would add to that but he summed it up pretty well. Gadierus does heal as well and you have kiril and rigard so I would make an argument to take Gadierus to max but buddy should be the priority so he said.

Thanks for the advice! Right now I participate in the wars for our alliance, which is why I have spread the love so much. Will focus on maxing those hero’s as advised. I have been trying to get a wu Kong and Boldtusk for a little while now with no luck.

I also made rookie mistakes with my three star guys. So working on building those for events as well. I recognized a little while back that there is much patience involved in the game.

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Amen. E&P = Endurance & Patience.

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