Building a defense team around Telluria

This is my current defense:

It’s good enough to keep me in low plat (1800-2000 cups) for now and I’ve no complaints. I don’t expect to hit diamond anytime soon, but would like to change it up as a blue stack of Kiril-Sonya-Grimm seems like the perfect counter to my defense, to say nothing of bringing 5*s against it. Frankly I’m slightly amazed this defense has held up as well as it has.

I’ve slowly puttered along a Telluria and she is now at 4/40. I expect to have her fully maxed a few weeks after the next Atlantis. I’d like to run a Telly tank but given my limited roster, I’m having trouble coming up with something that is coherent and has synergy. My roster thus far:

Yes I do have some 5*, and yes I’m very close to having a complete set of 4* ascension mats to level a rainbow team, but they’re not my main focus right now. Working with what I have; I’m thinking I could do a straight swap of Telly for BT, and Scarlett for Caedmon, so basically [c]Sonya-cTibs-Telly-cLX-Scarlett but Scarlett is squishy, and the team lacks synergy other than being rainbow for the sake of it.

A few more options I’ve considered:

  1. [c]Sonya-BT-Telly-cTibs-cLX
  2. [c]Sonya-BT-Telly-Grimm-cTibs
  3. [c]Sonya-Mist-Telly-cTibs-Scarlett

None of these seem particularly ideal either, 1 and 2 are a bit too passive since I now have two healers, 2 with Grimm on flank is a risk since he’s squishy even at +11. 3 is just… well Mist pairs well with cTibs, but again, kinda squishy, and I’m just not a fan of having Scarlett on defense.

So yeah, running out of ideas here, all you wise gurus please lend a helping hand. TIA!!!

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Grimm - Wilbur - Telluria - Li Xiu - Proteus

If Telluria and Wilbur goes off your average 2000 cup foe could just quit the fight already :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting, never considered Wilbur for defense since conventional wisdom seems to be he’s a liability and his special can be exploited.

Also I’ve seen some crazy teams even at the 2000 cup level, so don’t underestimate your opponents. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is interesting. I have never played Wilbur in a defence role before. Additionally I have never had him in the same team as my Telluria.
Will give it a try and see what happens

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Very nice roster:

Point1 would be that a dispeller is usually more important in defense than a cleanser.

You could try:

Caedmon - BT - Telluria - Tibs.C. - Sonja C.

With this combo you have dispelling, cleansing, attack up, defense down, + Telluria! :smile:

BT is hopefully protecting the suboptimal color in the left wing to a certain extent.

A rainbow try would be : Sonja - Tibs.C. - Telluria - Mist - Scarlett
You have some interference from Mists mana block into Tellys mana block though.

On the other hand if we assume that in plat most people have to stack red against Telluria you could try.

Tibs.C. - Sonja - Telluria - Kiril - Scarlett
This would give you optimum defense against red stacks with a slightly suboptimal Tibs.C. in the left wing.

Utility wise I would go with the first team but I would also test the last team to compare the 2.
Just make sure you more or less give the same numbers of opponents a chance to revenge.

A good time period to test a team would be a week.

Wish you best of luck and lots of fun with the game.


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Please dont take this personal but this team is pretty slow, gives the AI lots of room ro mess up, has with Wilbur a defender that can be severly abused, not optimum color against strong stack and no dispeller.

So I personally would not think that is the optimal solution.

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Question - why costume Li Xiu? Her main focus isn’t necessarily damage dealing and 20% mana reduction is way more interesting than 10% more damage.


It could be easily defeated by diamond players but not for the ones at his level, holding 2200 cups shouldn’t be a problem for him.

For Wilbur being “easy”: as long as Telluria is there I don’t think it would quite be possible to exploit him.


No defense team is slow after Telluria casts… Personally I hate the way Telluria changed raiding, so I would never use her on defense (minutes ago I had to go from global #1 to #36 to find a team that did not tank Telluria), but I think @FraVit93 solution is pretty decent. The enemy can forget about charging any special skill as soon as Telluria fires. Lee and Proteus will see to that. While the right side seems just fine, what puzzles me is the left side…Grimm and Wilbur basically do the same thing: lower enemy defense so you kill them faster…


Hi, as I know from my poor experience, Wilbur and Grimm overwrite def debuff, so, one of them, loose 1 advantage.
Other way, Tib is most same as Grimm, but C Tib maybe has a change over Grimm, with all enemies debuff…
I’ve got this three plus telly on first ascension…
My two cents

You are probabely right although you will see a certain Elayanith make as many pulls as possible by the costume summoning gate hoping for a Sonja or Caedmon costume! :smile:

Unfortunately as an ftp that will not be that many pulls! Although last time I got Lianna + costume which is good against Telly to once she and her costume are finished. And believe it or not today after more than 1.5 years of trying TC 20 finally gave out its first Lianna! :rofl:

Thank you guys! Lots of good and interesting suggestions here, will definitely have to try them out one week at a time after maxing out Telly and see what comes of it.

This was my logic: even a slow hero charges 25% in a non-ghosted 3-match, which is still more than the 20% mana reduction regular LX provides. In other words, 20% mana cut will stall them by one turn, but not more than that (unless they’re using very slow heroes). So if that’s the case, then 10% vs 20% mana cut has the same effect (stall one turn), and I’d rather do more damage instead. Plus I like rogue’s evade talent better than monk’s withstand, but this is fairly minor point.

I think this makes sense? Lemme know.

I’m f2p too, and I’m beginner…last September…
So, got telly on my first summon HOTM …jijiji lucky man…and doing what everyone said in this forum, u can grow up in right direction.
I’m feeding telly but just stop till I’ve got all mats for last ascension, why? next month will come first TC20, and tomorrow with AR 100 coins for 1 pull plus 2 epics, maybe comes something better that I’ve got for take my feed. Now it’s time to work what I have useful and wait what I need.

I would take Triton instead of Sonya. He empowers healing from Telly with high damage too. So you don’t need another healer like BT.

My only sniper is Tritón and I use with C Mel not emblem yet…and telly.

+300 hp each turn from CMel, maybe will change for normal Mel + Telly when full for automatic + turn healing.
I love Tritón since I use it, only 4 4* full.

If I did put BT in there it’d be for the atk buff not so much the healing. That +48% atk is non-trivial, and can quickly wreck you even with just slash attacks, so you want to get rid of that atk buff asap.

Triton is squishy though, and one thing I’ve learned from raiding in platinum is squishy heroes just aren’t that ideal anymore. Unless it’s a 4/80 Liana (what are you doing in plat anyway???), pretty much all the heroes you’ll meet in plat can take a direct hit from your typical 4* sniper and still survive. Being squishy means they’re likely going to be the first to go since that’s who the attackers will focus on first. Plus his secondary effect is sorta wasted on defense as the AI is just too dumb to time it correctly most of the time.

So for the reasons above, I picked my defense so everybody has at least 700 defense and close to 1200 HP to survive the initial assault. BT is the tank because at +14 with maxed costume, he has 858 def and 1325 HP, which is Telly level stats.

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