New Atlantis Deal?

Having trouble figuring out if this new deal is any good compared to the normal Atlantis deal.

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I actually always compare from buy gems in shop.
If we calculate like this:
100coins atlantis = 350 gems.
it means 350x3 = 1,050 gems
so, another plus 300gems, total = 1,350 gems.
and additional great sources = World Flask Energy 3x, per Flask it cost 100 gems, 100x3 = 300 gems.
All Total gems (summary) = 1,650 gems.

So, I think it worth.


@pinkymadigan If you already have 50 gems then yes it will be worth it as you can get 4 pulls easy if you already have 50 gems. If you farm a ton for backpacks, swords, and recruits, then yes it is worth it because of all those loot tickets and WE flasks.

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I got a Cochin, Gill-Ra, Gato, and Hawkmoon.

It was not worth it.



I’m under budget for the month, so for me it’s worth it. Saving everything until until next month though.


I do sort of the same, except I compare it to the best deals instead.

Based on that, I value Gems at $0.50 USD per 100, since that’s roughly the price of Challenge Event and Atlantis 200 Gem/25 Coin Offers.

100 Atlantis Coins = 300 Gems (I’m less generous, I compare to a 10-pull, not Singles). So I treat the Coins as 900 Gems. That’s $4.50.

WE Flasks are worth 100 Gems each, if we’re being generous, so that’s 300 Gems. That’s $1.50.

For valuing Loot Tickets, my expectation is 4.5 cents each, based on the $10 “It’s Raining Loot Tickets” Offer, which contains 1000 Gems ($5 value to me), 1 WE Flask (50 cent value to me), and 100 Loot Tickets. So 30 are worth $1.35 to me.

And of course the Gems themselves are worth $1.50 using this valuation.

In total, that makes this Offer worth $8.85.

Now, here’s the thing — almost NONE of the Offers are worth their nominal price under this system of evaluation. That’s because I’m using the lowest Gem prices normally offered as a basis.

So it’s all about percentage value — and 88.5% is actually pretty decent on that front, albeit lower than others.

For comparison, as an example, the “Heavenly Treasures” Offer is 93.3% value under this system.


That’s basically what I was doing but not sure I agree that WE flasks are actually worth 100, despite that being the price. I still think it edges out the normal deal though.

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If I get the 4 pack for £8 it’s 1000 gems 100 coins so four pulls!
This is 300 coins 300 gems soo just under 4 pulls plus loot tickets and energy flasks for £10!
Depends on your budget if you only want to purchase a few off the £2 deal aswell!
But I think the £10 is better

Not worth it. Because you only get 3* for the tokens. Got Gato, Prisca and Namahage.
Thats how they get you. Dangling the “chance” of getting 5* in front of you, while they rig it to get you 3* all over.
And please spare me the “it’s totally random, and the odds check out”. Thank you, I refuse to drink SG cool aid, like some of you…

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I got Musashi, Proteus and Gato…so a tad bit better than you :wink:


They don’t have to manipulate the pulls. In 3 pulls with the stated odds you are highly unlikely to get any of those 5*s. You are playing slots. Some lucky guy hits the jackpot but most walk away with empty pockets.


According to my husband, this is a mis-leading statement. He says I can’t say I’m under-budget when I don’t include the months that I’m over-budget.

Math is hard … I’ll stick to my system :rofl:


There are many people who post getting a 5* and the HotM from a single pull. It’s happened to me. So I don’t need to rely on theory or published odds, but my own experience. Sometimes a single pull us great. Sometimes a 30x is garbage. That’s how random looks


I look at it as pay to get recruits and speed up leveling so for me its worth it.

If you think it is rigged, why play?

It’s not rigged because they don’t need to rig it. The odds are low already.

Actually it’s totally random. The odds do check out. It’s not rigged.

Please spare us your whiny conspiracy theories.

I value them at 350x gems specifically because they are not a 10x summons.

I can save 200x gems by doing 8x 1x summons instead of 1x 10x summons.

Since I usually do 3x to 6x summons per limited time summons, being able to do a 1x summons saves me 900x to 1950x gems per limited times summons.

([Rant, Primer, Summons] 2019 Summons x1 versus x10 - now with Taxi Driver simile)

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