How to spend my gems, advice please


I read on here somewhere to wait until I had 2600 gems and then to “buy” 10 heros at once. Well, I am there now. Blue is clearly my weakest element, so do I get 10 blue through the elemental summon or do I spend the 2600 on on the epic hero summon? What tends to garner the most bang for my buck?

thanks folks,

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Elemental has better odds :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jonah! Much appreciated!

Only use gems on Atlantis/Event Summons and keep Epic Hero Tokens for Seasonal Summons and rely on Training Camps lv20 (it could take time) to find the core heroes.

Always go for the higher hero’s pull available, you’ll decrease the gem cost for hero summoned.


I agree with @FraVit93. If you’re going to spend gems, I personally think events are the way to go (particularly one with a blue 5* hero featured) and at the most efficient gem cost tier. For EHTs, seasonal summons. Rely on some TC20 magic to get your classic blue heroes and accumulate mats in the meantime. If getting a blue is a major priority, I would just allocate more TCs to TC20.

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get 400 more and make atlantis draw

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Totally agree with Rohn, Atlantis is the way to go, you can always run TC20 for free to vanilla heros.

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Yeah never do elemental pulls bud! I mean if you plan on playing a bit you have to try for S2 heroes from Atlantis. Event heroes are good just lower odds of getting the one you want. Atlantis always features 4 and you get the bonus chest ( which are decent) for every ten pulls.

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I usually wait till Atlantis to pull i do ok on that even if it’s just a few random here or there! Got mnssenns Athena ghost girl in one go on just 3 pulls!

Elemental but Atlantis is right around the corner so I would save whatever gems and coins you have and use them when Atlantis pops up soon.

So I did atlantis, got one 4** and Seshat…any idea of how she might rank when she’s filled up?

Seshat is very good, indeed. A full notch above any classic dark 5*. Definitely worth ascending to max.

I rank her and Cage top of the list. Some will tell you Hel is up there but I prefer fast over average. Seshat is deadly with the minions, being fast and “mana” resistance. The minions multiply fast and add protection. Apparently, they crit a lot with crit troops ( just switched troops myself). Anyhow, I can guarantee if you level Seshat you won’t be disappointed.

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