Should I put all my gems on Atlantis?

Hi all.
I was just reading someone else’s thread about spending his gems on a 10 pull. Just wanted one or two people to confirm that Atlantis may be the way to go for me too…

If I buy some of those gem offers that just popped up on my phone (400 for £2), it will take me over the 9000 mark. This is enough for a 30 pull.

I’m happy with my team so far… except purple, no 5* & no Rigard - who everyone seems to like on the forums. I’ve got duplicates of all the other 4* purples

My gut feeling is to let go of Rigard, he might come out of my TC20s eventually & I should start to work those really hard now that Atlantis Rises has started.

I’ve already did two separate 10 pulls on Atlantis a few months back and got countless Cochin (bless him!) Ghost girl, Wilbur and that frog-man-thing.

Shall I do the 30 pull as a one off or maybe hold back for the Dark Elemental & do 3x10 on that?

Thank you for helping!


I would do the Atlantis pull because Ares and Drake Fong are in rotation right now. You might grab them and I am jealous that you got Muggy. He is one of the Atlantis 3 stars that I really want.
Bottom line do the Atlantis pull.


This month heroes all are epic. Ares, kageburado, drake fong, yeah and atomas… Its up to you, but I would try, I actually did not so impress

Spend ton of money, 1st time and last one :money_mouth_face: but I got drake fong, so probably its OK. There was also almost x10 with coins. Basicly got drake, first wilbur!, and Triton. Really wanted kageburado


I also really wanted Kage. Did 100 pulls and drew a total of six 5* heroes. All of them were purple. But it ended up being Quintus, Ursena, Domitia and 3x Seshat (number 3-5).

Atlantis 5* are just a bit too hard to draw.

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I have never got monthly hero, I don’t know how you guys get them so easily, just don’t understand :sweat_smile:

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I’m terrible at summons, too. Lots of dupes and 3 stars. My expectations are always very low so I’m rarely disappointed :joy:

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I used my Atlantis coins (6 pulls from finishing Normal and some hard levels) - duplicate Scarlett and 5 3* dupes. Debating on whether to do a 30-pull, 2 10-pulls or a 10-pull and save my gems for Teltoc next month.

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1 word yes.
Did 2 coin pull on my alt Bamm 1 5* purple (Kage :grin:), bam Gato (dup).
I’m a big fan of single pulls.
At the beaches.

Hi all, Thank you for your thoughts, I’m going to give the Atlantis 30 pull a shot! Will try tonight after work, will post back here and let you know how many 3,4 & 5*s I get, wish me luck :slight_smile: Just a nice range would do, hopefully not too many doubles though.


I really do hope you get something great.

I will not forget the poster who got 2 good heroes in his video. What a happy soul.
Check his post out here

My only worries is due to the RNG not everyone gets lucky :frowning:

Chochin is actually pretty good if you hide him on the rear behind a high value target. Muggy (the frog) and Namahage) I call the suicide brothers and are the only 2 (duplication) I’ve got from Atlantis summonses.

I can’t advise you as I cannot wait to use tokens and gems. Some impulse control issue.

Good luck! I did two pulls with gems just so I could have 10 pulls in total to get the ascension chest. I am saving my remaining gems for guardians next month.

Hi all.
Well I did my 30 pull earlier this morning. Mostly repeating 3* (kind of expected that) but got a few Atlantis heros that I didn’t have before: Agwe & Proteus.
No 5* but nevermind. Do you think it’s best to feed Proteus all the extra Gill Raas & Chochins that I don’t need? I already have a good stong purple 3* team for events, I don’t really need more.

My bonus chest was Damascus Blade, Trap tools & a warm cape… and a few dragon bones.

It’s gonna be a while before I do another big pull, I’ve got a lot of work to do with these heroes

Thank you all for helping :slight_smile:

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Just do a 30x pull on Atlantis and enjoy the AMs that come with it.

Proteus is the best, he almost single handedly let me beat all the season 2 bosses. Feed him all the gillras chochins easy. In my opinion he is the best 4 star for map farming. At least you got him. I hope you got some regular 4 stars as well, so you have a lot of new projects :wink:

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Well, I completed the Atlantis on hard just before this event…had some saved coins, 1070 in total. I did the summons for coins one by one…and got Kageburo on my sixth try!
To complete the the next treasure chest, I did 3 more gem summons and got pretty much nothing and was left with 98 coins. This morning, I got the last 2 coins and did the last coin summon to complete the chest…guess what. Got Kageburo again :smiley:
So it’s all about some weird luck, it might give you great surprise or might leave you with nothing. I am very happy with this round, thou… My friend got Ares with 5 pulls in coins.


Cool @Mezviets, I’m a third of the way through season 2 at the moment, I will be sure to feed him fast! I have some 5 & 4 stars too so hopefully the rest of Atlantis won’t be too hard.

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@Oops-Daisy I hope you have either Li Xiu or Chao because when Proteus is paired with any of the two, devilishly hilarious things will happen. I managed to have this happen when I managed to get Proteus to fire twice:

The single most awesome thing I have accomplished with Proteus. :sunglasses: He might be a bit squishy but pair him with either a mana troop or defensive based 3 star troop. And his survivability is increased.

Just make sure he can shoot his special, when boss stage comes on, and make sure it stays that way, then no boss will be a big problem, when they won’t be able to shoot they special, he helped me a lot also in different challenges

I got Wilbur an Proteus last month and completed Sand empire, Grimforest and Season 1 without a problem and cruising through season 2 right now. Most of the time the bosses don’t even fire. Just keep mana potions for the big bosses just in case proteus needs charging and focus on keeping his special on then wilbur next. I also use 2 4* healers so I don’t burn through health potions.

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