[Analysis, Math] Tabbed Challenge offers - Tab 1 to 4

[Analysis, Math] Tabbed Challenge offers

IAP ( micro transactions) introduced 2020-January

The first 3x offers are sticking to the 2x gems per $0.01 USD value required by many C2P players.

Tab 1

200x gems for $0.99 USD

Gems useful for world energy refills for competing in Challenge event.

Or anything non F2P users want.

Maximum 5= 1000 gems for $4.95 USD

Tab 2

300x gems + 10x Challenge coins ( 1x summons normally 300 gem ) + 1x Tornado ( valuation 0x to 100x gems ) for $2.99 USD

Challenge coins useful for pulling heroes for competing in Challenge event.

Tornadoes useful for completing Legendary tier of Challenge event.

Maximum 3= 900x gems + 30x Challenge coins + 3x Tornadoes for $8.97 USD

Time stops ( useful for completing Legendary tier of Challenge event ) replace Tornadoes in Tab 4 version.

Tab 3

500 gems + 5 World energy flasks ( 5x normally 100 gems, very popular for Atlantis Rising and future Season 3 equivalent ) for $4.99 USD

Flasks useful for world energy refills for competing in Challenge event.

Maximum 1= 500x gems + 5 World energy flasks for $4.98 USD

Tab 4

See Tab 2

Tab 5



Click for notes

1x summons versus 10x summons


Rewards seem targeted at C2P users and also users targeting specific reward brackets.

By using daily reveals, pressure is placed on players targeting specific reward brackets to purchase each offer to improve their rewards bracket or stay in their original bracket.

Also each offer is staying below the $20.00 USD cut off for many causal mobile users, but still allowing them to pick their favorite offer.

The Tabbed challenge event offer ( currently on offer 3 ), seems to be designed to please all non F2P users and apply maximum pressure to purchase without being an actual hard sell ( technically pop ups are not a hard sell no matter that they can feel that way).

Interactive tabs encourage interacting with offer instead of just ignoring the banner.



Wonder if we’ll see somethin similar in atlantis…


Infeel.thst they are trying to find the a range that f2p/c2p simply cant resist all of to make sure they maximizing profits with co tinue cash flow versus random purchase frenzies. A f2p who is only 300 gems away from that long awaited ten pull should be more apt to spend 2.99 than 20. I mean that’s cheaper than a lunch at Wendy’s which is already cheap at $5. There had to be a spending range that everyone will.gind fairness in and one easy way is to have whole bunch of really cheap offers all the time. 200 people by 99.99 deal great but 200k people buy the 2.99 deal. Now we talking.

Cross link to general discussion about the (currently) new challenge offers:

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