Treasured Wisdom Offers

Good morning!what do you think of today’s offers? Is it worth any of these?

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Is there threads already discussing these offers?

I think they’re ok offers, but that being said i think buying the treasured wisdom offers(all 4) + the 5 challenge event offers(.99 for 200 gems) is better than buying the xmas offer

Xmas offer = 49.99 for 4700 gems
Wisdom offers = 34.96 for 3500 gems
Challenge deal = 4.95 for 1k gems

So for $10 less, you only miss out on 200 gems by buying the other available offers and not the Xmas offer

Of course that is just comparing gem amounts. If you want to compare other goods then $49.99 may be the better offer but for me deals are typically about getting the best gems/dollar ratio i can since gems from normal gem shop are overpriced

Should mention that 4800 gems is 49.99 every day in the shops, so a deal for same price but less gems just isn’t very appealing “to me” but that is just my personal take on it and i know mileage may vary. Some people that use these offers to collect mats and goods instead of gems may see the offers completely different than i do


It doesn’t look like it. I renamed the thread and moved it to #gameplay-help-tactics

For reference, here are the offers (prices in USD before taxes):


Thanks a lot!
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in NZD

Yep. It’s back. Hmmm. During Atlantis too! Hope this doesn’t replace the 2nd-Day Atlantis offer with all the Loot Tickets!

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