Collect gems – Is it worth spending WE on it?

The question is simple and straightforward. Is it valid to do the task of collecting gems? Is it worth spending WE on it?

Depends on how much do you spend on gems. If 20 gems mean nothing to you, than the WE ain’t worth it. If you’re very C2P or F2P, it’s definitely worth.


My question was raised because the summons are getting worse and worse (or have always been bad, I’m not sure). So I wonder if it would not be better to spend WE on Atlantis or the Christmas Challenge (as is the case today), and gems can be spent in vain. But I think I’ll end up doing this task anyway …

Wait… what? Am I the only one in this game who completes every single quest?

P.S. I see people don’t care about free stuff, not to mention greater amount of XP, from the quests. Perhaps this is the reason I am “only” level 60 after 16 months playing :clown_face:


I tend to do every quest. I sometimes even use a flask to do so. Even now when I’m better off farming Atlantis.


I feel another Fairly False Forum Fact coming on. Do you know that if you complete all quests your chances of successfully pulling an event 5*… well, you get the picture.

If gems quest comes up I normally try to complete both. Or do a few of the rounds.
But also depends on what else is on, Atlantis takes priority for me at the moment as that is on! Plus I’m c2p and will buy cheap gem deals that benefits me if I was f2p I’d definitely complete them every time they come along!

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The regular missions I do not do to get battle items, iron and food and those to get recruits 1. The others do not leave without completing.

Do the first 2 levels of Collect gems II. Collect battle items II with raid flask. Do the exp missions if you want to time your level up or something. Find recruits II only if you already know you will get token. (Check forum first)

We have plenty of time to finish xmas missions. That should not be priority when Atlantis is on.

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