Need help with Diamond raid defense

I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can kill my way into the Diamond league… but I can’t stay there. I’m regularly dropping back down to the mid 2100s each time, and have to claw my way back up. I could really use some advice on my defense team.

Here’s what I have for heroes:

Right now, I’ve got Sabina, Grimm, Kashhrek, Boril, Zimkitha as my defense, but that’s not working so well. I’ve been considering dropping the talents from Kashhrek and reassigning them to Kiril, who’s probably a better option for healer. But even if I do that, I’m not sure what would be a good raid defense configuration.

Any suggestions?

The order you listed them in is that the way you have them ordered for your defense as well? I’m assuming so, but just wanted to double check. If so have you tried other configurations with these same heroes? Like Zim as the tank role? Also, the way they are listed above would cause Kashrek’s buff to protect two ice heroes from fire which they are normally strong against, so it’s not really helping them as much and limits Kashrek a bit.

I hate to say this - and hope someone corrects me - but to my eye and experience you’re doing well fighting up into Diamond. I don’t see the heroes leveled to assure you stay there yet. I didn’t stick in Diamond til I could consistently fight up to 2600+ cups before wrapping up. Now I usually pop into the top 100 at around 2800 while getting my chest filled and then fall back to 2550-2600 overnight. And that’s with a full roster of 5* emblemed that wins ~50 percent of raids against me. Diamond offences can just overwhelm any 4* defence.

Get Sartana, Leo, Zim and Kadilen leveled and you might have a shot of sticking. You can probably put Wilbur or a 4* healer in there as a placeholder for your blue (unless I missed someone on your roster)


I’d agree with the assessment too. I just started staying regularly in low diamond and that wasn’t until I had some more solid 5* heroes too.

You need 5 fully leveled 5* heroes. Otherwise the game system won’t allow you to stay above 2300-2400 cups. You get attacked more often until you drop to a specific trophies level.

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That doesn’t match my experience.

I started staying in Diamond regularly with just a couple 5* on my Defense. Having more certainly helps, but you don’t need a team of all 5* to stay in Diamond as long as you’re decent on Offense and use your flags regularly.

I still don’t have a team with even four maxed 5*, and I typically hover around 2500 cups or so, with a high of 2807.


Caed Zimi Kiril Li Sarta


I will also agree with Caed, Zim, Kiril Li and Sart for now , though you will still continue to pop in and out of Diamond, as you will require more raids to sustain, that would become less frequent when you bring up Isarnia, Sartana to a full max and able to insert Isarnia in the team. And as suggested work towards replacing Li, possibly with Leo, and Caed, with Kadi.

but Zorblak didn’t want to claw his way back up every couple hours :slight_smile:

It’s not clawing your way back up, it’s that your baseline level will be high enough that you stay in Diamond consistently.

If you log out at exactly 2400 cups, obviously you’re not likely to still be in Diamond when you log back in.

But if you’re hovering around 2500-2600 typically, you’ll stay in Diamond even with some net losses of cups while logged out.

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Thanks for the feedback. To those who have said that I might not have the bench to stay in Diamond, I had considered that as well. It’s only recently that I even tried to get into Diamond, because I didn’t think I’d be able to stay there. Maybe I’m still not ready.

I’ll try out some of the other configurations people suggested, see if that works any better.

And there’s hope for the future! I got super lucky, and picked up a Vivica from my TC20 this morning. I’m going to try to get her leveled as quickly as possible. I have six darts for her, since I hadn’t gotten to doing Leo’s final ascension yet, so once I have her at max, she’ll probably help out a lot.

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For me it’s very similar: i’m around 2500 cups… +/- 100… all time high 2748 cups

right now i have 1 4* and 4 5* and i can typically stay in diamond (or at least open my chest in diamond, if i’m kicked out of it i can go back in…

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When did you used to do that? Things have changed a bit since the emblem system is up. Some 4* can be effective in diamond defense, like BT or Wilbur, but I think 5* heroes are the bottom line for diamond now. Everybody is getting better every minute in this game.

So my answer to the OP would be to max his 5* during the next months. That would be the only way to achieve his objective.

May i ask how your defense team looks like?

And a few other questions:

i 'll soon have 5 maxed 5* heroes (Sartana, Leonidas, Marjana, Frida, Evelyn) but no 5 star healer. 4 * Healers available: Rigard 4-70+10, Boldtusk 4-70+11, Kiril 4-70 and Kashhrek 4-70…

so i guess having 4 5* and one healer is the best i can do to stay in diamond?

right now i run: Boldtusk, Frida, Marjana, Sartana, Leonidas

but i’m kicked out of diamond every now and then (down to 2200 … e.g. when i reach 2700+ i loose 500 cups in a short time frame…)

but i guess there is not much i can do about it or do you have suggestions to improve the situation?

thanks in advance…


I still don’t have a full team of 5*, although I’m up to more than the couple that I had when I first started staying in Diamond regularly.

I’ve changed my Defense a whole bunch of times in various configurations, and typically haven’t found that any of them radically changes where my cups hover.

On Offense I’m using nearly all 4* against nearly all 5* teams. My trophies are coming from Offense, and being lost on Defense. But it still ends up with me in Diamond consistently, since it ends up balancing out as I gain and lose cups.


Speaking of Diamond Arena, it would be cool to have a new arena. The last time I dropped below 2400 was a very very long time ago, and I’m not really raiding that much. To have the chance to gain a slight loot advantage by opening a chest in a 2600+ or even 2700+ cups arena would be something cool and a good incentive to raid a bit more. As well as a new goal to reach for top players.

Maybe something like that would be a good idea in the future :

Bronze (0+)
Silver (500+)
Gold (1000+)
Platinum (1600+)
Diamond (2200+)
Crystal (2600+)

Or not.

There are actually at least a couple suggestion threads along those lines:


@JimP, I’m holding diamond with only a single maxed five star on my roster. As you say, four stars + emblems are workable. My defense is under 4,000 team power.


That single 5* must do ALL the work then… :wink:

I’m guessing Obakan. He’s so overpowered.

I would try them as defending team, putting Tiburtus instead of Rigard could also be a viable option. I don’t see them stay into Diamond everynight but it should be your best defense right now.


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