Another defense advice plea

Hi, everyone,

I’m working on leveling several different heroes and my current defense of Li, Kiril, Boril, BT, and Sartana could be better I think. But I’m not really sure how. Here are the heroes I’m working with: trying esp. to get Grimm, Tiburtus, and Lianna leveled up. I’m approaching tc20 but have been using tc19 and 11 to level some of my existing heroes. I bounce in (and mostly out of ) platinum and I think it’s because I don’t quite get defense.

Andy advice would be most welcome. Thank you!

Current defense:

Dont know your mats situation.

One possible defense would be.

Cademon - Gormek - Li - Kiril - Sartana

It is rainbow and has all the necessary elements in the right places.

Boril Right now seems a little weak to tank.

Train to max your momentrily derfense team if you can since all heroes I used are also useable on offense. :smile:

Good luck

Spreading your training around that much hurts my eyes, it seems you cannot decide who you’re levelling. It’s usually best to concentrate on one set of five heroes, one of each colour, and take them as far as your materials will allow

I think a defense of BT Sartana Li Ariel Caedmon might be nice. You don’t really have any classic tanks, other than maybe BT if he was fully ascended. In Platinum even a maxed Boril will get eaten up


As hard as it may seem. Your best bet is to pick a hero and finish leveling them before moving on to another at this point.
I create projects, just finished Cyp, who I didn’t really need but was sitting at 4/40 forever. Now I’m finishing off Grimm and after Grimm I may start on. Hel. She has been sitting at 1/1 since I pulled her because I had to force myself not to jump from hero to hero. I was just spinning my wheels.
You have plenty of great defensive hero’s in your roster. Just pick 5, different elements, and finish them off. I’d suggest the 4* as they will be much quicker (depending on your AM situation) with the option to emblem them.

P.S My very 1st hero was Musashi so I of course started leveling him right away, then I got Kiril who also started leveling, the Tibs…Musashi is sitting at 3/70 and I have a few maxed/emblemed teams of 4*. This honestly made ALL the difference

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I have enough to ascend Boril and enough to ascend a red 4*. I’m waiting on tabards for Sartana. Thank you for the advice. I went ahead and ascended BT since he is ther and since I just pulled another hidden blade from a hero chest. I am going to concentrate on BT and Gormek then if I just can’t help myself. It’s really hard for me to concentrate on a strategy so I really appreciate the advice. I had been working on Lianna but I see it’s better to work on Caedmon. Thank you!

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You are right, I dither and dither and the end result is a lot of not much. I pulled Sartana early so she was relatively easier. I see I need to concentrate on BT, Gormek, and Caedmon, (and Ariel) and stop worrying about the rest… they’ll catch up. So I went ahead and ascended BT and I’ll work on him for now, then Gormek. I really appreciate the input . Strategy is not my strong point as you can see.


Thank you. That is what I need to hear, hard as it is. You can tell I don’t make decisions well. I thanks to you all I have a plan to work on BT and Gormek. Then I’ll work on Caedmon and Ariel and keep throwing the little purple guys at Tib while I go.

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Current def ; Sartana, Li Xiu, Boldtusk, Boril and Caedmon.

Future def ; Sartana, Li Xiu, Ariel, Lianna and Gormek.

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I agree. Focus on one hero of each color at a time and feed them with the same color feeders. When you max them or hit a mat wall, move on to the next.

Are you in a good supportive alliance? Your alliance leadership should be helping you with learning. If they aren’t, you might need a change. (Insert shameless plug for MB Foundation, the teaching alliance for Magnificent Bastards)

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