New Raid Arena - 3000 trophies

This idea was originally brought up when raid arenas were first introduced, but I think the game has advanced enough that it is worth revisiting the possibility of adding a new raid chest tier above 3000 trophies. I see 3 major reasons why this addition makes sense.

1.) Logical consistency: The current tiers mark every 600 cup increase up to 2400. I understand why SG did not continue this formula to 3000 when raid tiers were first created because players rarely broke 2800-2900 cups at the time. However, that has changed slowly over time and now. . .

2.) The highest players on the leaderboard are often over 3000 cups and sometimes as high as 3200-3250. This is a very difficult feat, especially as more and more emblems appear on top-tier defenses. There should be some reward for climbing that high up on the ladder besides bragging rights, especially when they are 800 points above the threshold for diamond.

3.) Most full 5* defenses leave players above 2400 cups, creating no incentive to climb further while raiding. In fact it creates a disincentive to some extent, since players have an easier time filling their hero chest starting from 2400 cups than 2600-2800. This means that many players don’t even bother raiding without their chest up since there is no reward for gaining trophies.

I believe that adding a new raid tier at 3000 trophies would revitalize the raiding scene in diamond by creating an incentive for players to climb in trophies. It also makes logical sense because the current tiers are spaced every 600 trophies, and players regularly surpass 3000. I anticipate comments about increasing the loot for top players, but think the pros outweigh the cons by increasing the activity and competitiveness in diamond tier.

That sounds good! I don’t see why not. What would they call the next tier above diamond? Champions division? Masters division?


I like the sound of Master tier. It also leaves room for Grandmaster potentially in the future :slight_smile:


This idea makes a lot of sense to me, but I wonder a bit about the cutoff point.

A snapshot of the Global Leaderboard right this second (I know it varies pretty quickly) has:

  • 1 and only 1 person above 3000 trophies
  • 2 additional people above 2900 trophies
  • 23 additional people above 2800 trophies
  • 51 additional people at or above 2750 trophies
  • A low of 2736 for Rank 100

The premise of a chest that could currently be opened by a single player in the game seems a tad too high to me.

Maybe it should be rank based instead, something like the top 25, or even top 250?


2800 cups and it follows the 400 more to reach the next.

And then maybe the ‘Hall of Masters’ for the best 500 to 1000. If you’ll reach this this one at least once, a mark could be rewarded to the avatar.


If there was more incentive to reach 3000 trophies, that picture would change very quickly. I am one of the lazy ones who is pleased to loose a few hundred trophies overnight so I can breeze through the hero chest and still collect in diamond. There is no incentive for players like me to try harder as things stand.


Giving new arena above 2400 do not have any sense. You can have the best defence team what you can imagine and you are no able to hold even 2800 cups for few minutes. My top cups score is 2865. 10 minutes later as a off line I was kicked from diamond arena. More you have faster you going down. Even I have very good defence team. So your idea is climb for 3000 get chest and go back down to edge of diamond/platinum arena. Good idea if in the future will be normal have 3000 cups and you are able stay there trough night. Now you are able hold 3000 cups only thanks online status. Right now if somebody wanna get 3000 cups must use few raid flasks. What must be inside the chest to make this worthwhile goal?

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This is not how Elo based math works.

When working properly, 3000 is the target max.

MMO just temporarily mess with it (see Notes).


Not about how many cups you can hold, but how many you can gain. Since the hero kills in diamond would count towards the chest in the 3k+ tier it would give players an incentive to climb the leaderboard then open their 3k+ trophy chest


I think for most people, even if they’re able to reach 3000, the chest will be full before they reach 3000 as multiple flasks are required.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s not possible to improve the chest quality after it has been filled. So it will be extemely difficult to fill the chest at the exact right moment when a player is above 3000.


Chest rewards are based on your trophies when you open the chest, not when you kill the 40th hero, so people could in fact sit on a full chest and continue to climb.

Maybe a top 100 chest AND a top 50 chest.

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The problem I see is that raids are fundamentally broken at the highest level. I can beat any defense with a mediocre or better board. There are probably 5000 other players who probably can too. It is so heavily skewed towards wins that there is no good defense. This is true with wars too. It’s is very rare that I don’t solo at least 5/6 4000+ defenses. When my fifth and sixth team can take out your best defense, there is a flaw in the system.

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You are wrong… sometimes I fill the chest in high platinum and then raid some more to reach diamond for diamond tier rewards. It seems it does not matter where you fill the chest, but where you open it…

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That’s the beauty of the raid system… The SG masterminds had a stroke of genius coming down with it… this way nobody is able to break away from the bulk and everyone has a shot to “sit at the rich guy’s table” for a brief moment, making us fight each other over and over again without any other real gain than the fight it self…

While true that there is no further incentive for trophies above 2400, there is still food and iron and recruits to be had for winning raids. Are you suggesting these incentives are not strong enough for people to raid? If so, it must be nice to be at such an end-game level where food, iron, and recruits are no longer worth the trouble to gather.

With team power levels surpassing 4500, it is getting harder to find an opponent which offers a fair fight. Often they can be 300 points higher with a possible gain of less than 20 cups.

A higher level with a better chest might encourage them to not cup drop

Good idea, already suggested here, although the cup limit has moved on a bit


Also, rather than tagging mods to merge, I’ve used the ‘other’ flag as suggested - it doesn’t count against the OP or hide the content :slightly_smiling_face:


Merged for further consideration. And the flag was nice.

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Bad idea, raiding is frustrating enough I like the 2400 as the top chest don’t make me go higher lol

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