Whats a good defence team?

Hello, do you have some advice for me what a good set up is for my defence team? Here are my heroes

Thanks in advance

Grimm-Kelile-Kashrek(or Cyprian eventualy)-Kiril-Mariana

Interesting, im gonna give it a try. Im not really fond of cyprianus, so it will be kashhrek.
Thank you

You have a great set of heroes!

I’d go with Marjana - Kiril - Kashrek - Grimm - Drake Fong, personally.

I like that setup because it puts two fast mana Heroes on the corners, and then the Kiril/Kash/Grimm center will be really annoying to fight against. Kashrek is arguably the best 4* tank in the game. Your opponent will have to double or triple stack red to take out Kashrek easily, and those red tiles will be very weak against Kiril and Grimm, who are both annoying in their own right. If they stack two red and three green to focus on your center, you’ll have two attacking, fast mana heroes in the corners which will be very annoying to take out toward the end of the fight.

I’m no expert, but that’s what I’d do if I was in your shoes. While it’s true that maxed 4* are generally stronger than 3/70 5*, the difference is minimal. 3/70 5* are quite serviceable and will do well for you on your defense team, and help you stay solidly in Platinum.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the tip of radar didn’t work so well. So i was back to marjana, kiril, drake, melendor, grimm.

Im gonna try your advice now. My trophies are between 2200 and 2300, maybe this will help me to diamond

You will get to diamond by attacking.

Yeah when im done attacking, im just barely in diamond, buth next morning -150 trophies -_-

Might want to try using Cyprian on offense… My TP is about the same as yours ( I have no 5* so far, but I do have a good roster of maxed 4*) and regulary using Cyprian on offense gets me into diamond quite often, up to max 2600 + cups. Of course, same as you, my defense can’t hold that kind of cups, so, by the next time I log in, I was about 300 to 400 cups down… As for tank, I think Kashrek is better than Cyprian so I recommend the lizard.

Talking from personal experience, triple-ing up reds on Kashrek is not the smartest thing to do. You need at the very least six red tiles to take him out fast, and if they don’t line-up and you can’t get him killed before he uses his special, you’d better have a dispeller ready, or your reds will be completely useless against him and his flanks. Me, I’d any day rather go after Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghal or Zeline than Kashrek with triple reds.


Drake - Kash - Cypri - Kiril - Marja

Thanks guys for the insights, a lot of new combinations to try :slight_smile:

It is about where you are when you open your raid chest.

I’d go for: Drake-Grimm-Marjana-Richard-Joon

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