Help with my defense team? Want to stay in Platinum for the first time

TLDR: Are two 5*, Kashhrek and more healers/utility heroes than snipers on the bench enough on defense to stay in Platinum? Help with team optional.

Hi everyone, I have been sitting comfortably in Gold for a while (8 easy revenge wins for hero chests is wonderfully stress-free) but considering moving up to Platinum. I have little problems beating 3200-3500 teams, but a lot of that is due to stacking.

My maximum team power is less than 3300 and that isn’t really a team but heroes from various areas of the game combine, so I am wondering if I have what it takes on defense to stay at the bottom end of Platinum.

Below is the team I am currently working on. I pulled Ursena during atlantis rises (and you will see that I don’t have other strong AoE, so she will be an addition ASAP:

I am currently running Chao in her place as he is my only Maxed 4* sniper (I know, bad luck).

My other heroes to consider:
Kiril 4+ (Considered Kashhrek surrounded by two blues, but felt like a waste of his ability, would get a nice bonus from Frida though)
Melendor and Sabina - Maxed - Too much healing in my opinion
Merlin 3+ - was about to ascend him before I pulled Ursena, he isn’t good on defense anyways
Wu Kong Maxed - Again bad on defense
Boril 3+ - Building around Kashhrek, so Boril doesn’t fit… but maybe you guys think otherwise

Other heroes I am working on slowly for depth in class quests etc.:

Other heroes I have on the bench at level 1:
And various dupes of the above including a 2nd Kiril and Merlin which may see use eventually.

Any and all input welcome :slight_smile:

Boril imo works best as a tank, as a flank he’s not as effective.

You can make it work but you need more levels on that defense team asap.

Building around Kash tank and your roster:

Boldtusk | Frida | Kashhrek | Gormek | Ursena

IMO dispellers on the left work better, because they get rid of defense buffs or the like that the raiding team may apply. Boldtusk can work on the wing in this case since Kash can help the center stay alive.

But yeah, get more levels on all of those guys that need them, mainly Ursena and Boldtusk. For the 5* I’d halt them at 3/70, at those levels they can definetely hold you close or at low platinum

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