Your Defense Team Is Good Enough

There’s a lot of focus in these forums on making raid defense the best it can be.

I’d like to take a moment to point out another perspective. Please note this perspective comes from a player who can compete in Diamond league without much issue. This advice is NOT for those struggling to stay in Diamond.

There are benefits to having a ‘good enough’ raid defense team. ‘Good enough’ for me means waking up to 2350-2450 cups.

  1. Hero Wanted Mission chest will fill more efficiently, because the fights aren’t as punishing.

  2. You’ll see a wider variety of heroes to fight. I find that MORE FUN than fighting the same 4400TP+ teams over and over (I’m looking at YOU Kunchen and Guin!).

  3. You can divide emblems between heroes, instead of going all-in on one. That can go a long way in improving your war roster.

I understand each of those points can be argued IF you have reasons to hold higher cups (ego, alliance requirements, etc). Maybe ‘good enough’ isn’t ideal for some players. I personally don’t mind at ALL that my team gets knocked down to 2400 cups every day. That’s the sweet spot. My less-than-perfect team HELPS others fill their chests.

My point is - don’t stress about making your best possible raid defense. Good enough is good enough.


Your War Defense team, however, can always be better.


Totally agree on everything, even though pretty much the main reason to play this game is bragging about your own heroes and show how strong you can be.

So there’s that, and honestly fighting for that top 10-100 ranks even for a couple of minutes gives a little bit of satisfaction too.

So i would say change your defence frequently, even for just giving at your routine a shock.

Sometimes “cup drop” to diversify your battles, sometimes aim for the top.

Why not both?


YES! Embrace the variety!


Yeah, and I guess this is really the antithesis of my points. It is a bit different though, since many alliances coordinate tank colors, so you’ll have to follow suit there, which may compromise your ‘best’ team.

Even in war defense, the somewhat achievable goal of soaking up 2 flags instead of one has a point of diminishing returns.


During 1st path of Valor, I decide to stay in low Diamond to achive raid challange.
After finished the challange, I still enjoy with current position.
I enjoy with variety of defense setup.

PS: it can give more experience and some surprises with combination of defense setup

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For this exact reason I’m thinking of stripping emblems from Guinevere. Has anyone reading this done that and if so (if she is still your tank) what cup level do you wake up to?

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Thanks @Raghadorn for writing it!


This defense has kept me between 2500-2600 even after a long sleep period.

Surprisingly pleased to see so many repeat failed raids, I can see these attackers’ look of disbelief to keep losing against this defense :wink:

My war defense is much higher.


Dang! I guess that Avalon bonus goes a long way when it’s maxed out!


To get on the subject. My team is holding between 2550-2700 cups on it own. When I fall under 2650 cups mostly I stay there for long time.

Most fun for me now in raids is getting to 2750cups on attack and basically leave for 15 minutes to see how much can my defense hold.

Few weeks ago defense got me to global 3. Today it was doing great again. In top10 with defense.

Defense team


It both does and does not. An individual opponent can throw 30 heroes at you, and your defense exists in a resonance band on how much heat they will bring to squash you.

The strongest D warrants the strongest teams. Lower strength teams, or trap war defenses, can cost the enemy just as many flags as a top notch defense. It’s defense relative to an offense where the diminishing returns burden is heavier on offenses.


I agree with both the OP and @Elpis. You’ll be surprised that small tweaks to your defense can bring about small changes. I’m not even talking about changing the hero’s necessarily but the order. I’ve gone from losing 80% of attacks on my defense to over 50% win rate by moving Sartana.
So now I not only shift hero’s in and out but I play around with their positioning too. But of course I don’t really care all that much about the amount of cups I’m currently holding.

P.S I did find out that coming down with the flu is a fantastic way to drop cups and stock up on revenges however!!!

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Tough nut to crack you got there, but I think even for you, having so much green in the raid notification area must be pretty rare. Anyway, always thought BK is the most efficient tank available today…

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I totally agree with you OP. And this is the exact reason why I’m not leveling Guinevere and a few others.

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Anyone can help me to set a team that keeps me on high platinum or low diamond?

My current defense team is this

Tibs 4/40 / Li xiu +9 (costume bonus) / Rigard in costume +9 / Boldtusk cost bonus +11/Sonya costume bonus +11

Im between 2000 and 2200 cups. But 2200 only when i raid too much

Other options:

Red: Colen, Gormek
Blue: Grimm +9
Green: LJ +9 , Melendor +11 , Kash
Purple: Proteus +11 , Sabina +4
Yellow: Wu kong, Hu tao


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As referenced above, you need a full, maxed, emblemmed roster of special 5* and HotM to be in the range you want. You’re about where you’re going to be given your roster, no matter what adjustments you make to your defense team.

In other words, you’re doing great! Don’t worry about diamond, just live in platinum for a while. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro!
I will keep enchancing war roster so while i get on weight with those parked 5* i have

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No problem man, the game has changed a lot. Emblems, in particular, have made diamond a tough nut to live in without an insane roster. I used to float around 2400 with a basic 4*/5* team pretty easily, now my emblemed HotM-full team is almost always in platinum when I wake up, and my basic 5* rainbow team is about 2200 rated and can rarely achieve diamond, even temporarily, with normal play.


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