Help with defence team setup

Hi I was wondering if someone could make suggestions for my defence team based on my current hero levels.

Id suggest finishing your 4* before your 5*. Although since I don’t know if you have any 4* maxed I’m Just going to say “ definitely max several teams of rainbow 4* before messing with 5’s”
I see it may be too late but the 4*’s are your backbone teams. AW’s, Rare quests, challenges, titans etc. You NEED them maxed!!!
A maxed 4* is stronger than a 5* at 3/70, even though 5* have more effects.
You have a solid roster, now you need to make it a deep roster. The more heroes you have to choose from the more fun this game will be.

Good Luck!! May RNGesus showed you in needed AM’s!!!

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I’d also suggest doing a rainbow team for defense, that way attackers can’t exploit your weakness and kill you you are covered with every color. And I’d say 2 snipers, a healer and 2 other defense heroes. Make sure they have some buffs and such.

Edit: the team you choose for defense they should definitely be maxed. So pick a solid team, then focus on maxing those heroes first. Then once your defense is set, go and complete your heroes 4* first then 5, one color set at a time.

Ok I appreciate the tips, I will focus on the things you guys mentioned but in the meantime any suggestions as a defence team based on my current heroes?

It all depends on ascension materials you have. Fair enough your 4* are easier to ascend and cost less but if I got mats for that 5* you have I would work on them first. Probably what others suggested is more reasonable tho. Good luck with your teams :slight_smile:

At the moment maximum you can reach is gold arena, if you already are in gold, there is no difference what order you heroes are. Best is to put rainbow team in defense, your best tank option is rigard, but try caedomon, Marijana, rigard, wu Kong, seshat.
But do what every one else suggested, work on four stars before 5stars, once you have at least 3 rainbow teams with 4s, and you have materials to finish 5 stars, only then work with them. You need a depth for war, there is no huge advantage to build one very strong team, they can hold cups, but it will be hard for you to face anyone at that level in offence for heroes chest. And ofcourse in war one even good rainbow team can beat one opponent, not 6, good luck, you have a great line up, yust need patience to work with them :wink:

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Hijacking the thread for the same question, also my first post ever:
I need help with my defense team. I am a relatively new and c2p player.
My heroes at the moment:

Scarlett 4/57
Colen 3/60
Kelile 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Grimm 4/21
Sonya 3/60
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Caedmon 3/60
Skittles 3/20
Gobbler 1/1
Gaderius 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

Cyprian 3/60
Sabina 3/57
Ameona 1/1
Bunch of 3*'s Max +1

I only have 3*s Bane, Dawa, Kailani and Gan Ju maxed and one Melia just pulled in Atlantis.

Raid and AW is getting better in terms of attack, but I couldn’t figure out the best defence with this line up.

Thanks for the help