Mitsuko or

I have all the materials to ascend Mitsuko past 3/70.

I’m just debating whether to ascend her now or wait for a 1 or 2 more materials to ascend Lianna, Ursena, Magni or Seshat which are all at 3/70 or will be by the time I get the ascension materials. I’m also pretty close with Tarlak.

I already have Hel and Joon ascended. I have a maxed out Boldtusk as my main healer right now but I’m close with Kiril.

Should I go with Mitsuko now or wait a little bit for one of the others? If not, which one should I wait for?

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Which ascension mats are you short on? I always have trouble with the color-specific mats, not blades and tomes.

It’d also be helpful if you posted screenshots of the heavy end of your roster. Mitsuko is a fun but somewhat specialized hero, so it’d help to see who should work with.


I have 2 tomes and plenty of blades. I’m just 1 or 2 short of each one I listed

You have a very elite 5* squad; without more info, I’d go ahead with Mitsuko, though recognize that she’s not a stellar defense hero. Any other red 5* lurking on your bench?


I was just thinking of maxing Mitsuko myself. Now I’m second guessing the decision again :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have Azlar but he is a little ways away.

I’m just curious about which of the ones I listed are worth the wait for a couple more materials. I see a lot of top ranked players with Lianna and Magni. Seshat and Ursena are pretty great, but I already have Hel ascended. I was leaning towards Lianna or Magni before ascending another dark hero. But I could be talked into it if y’all think it’s s good idea

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All of the heroes you mentioned are grade-A heroes. You should as ascend each; the question is sequencing.

  • Lianna, Magni and Seshat are all excellent snipers. Lianna deals out more damage, but the other two’s bonus effects are very valuable.
  • Tarlak is great on titans and under-rated on offense.
  • Ursena is a deadly killer, especially good on defense

I would definitely choose Mitsuko over Azlar, but others may disagree.

For two years I have used matched-color training almost exclusively, which gives a 20% xp bonus. This gives a balanced growth path, as well.

A useful reference on hero ascension:


This. He is incredibly powerful in a stack. I’ve gotten single tile hits in excess of 1K with Tarlak+Evelyn. And the HOT is enough to avoid getting DOTted out.

If you’re decent with tile play, Tarlak is amazing.

+1 on this. Her mana cut at average and reflect blue are useful more often than Azlar’s hit and DOT at Slow IMO.


I know very little of Mits I do not have her. But Seshat is a BEAST you will love her


I also love watching Ice heroes commit suicide to her.

I had a tough time deciding between Hel and Ursena, but every thread on this forum recommended Hel. It was the right decision, but I also loved watching holy heroes suicide themselves with Ursena.

This decision is tougher than I thought.

Maybe when I get Kiril maxed out, I can take Boldtusk out and use Mitsuko.

Right now, I think I would go with Lianna first. She’s my only real string Nature hero aside from Tarlak, but he is more of a Titan specialist. He will be ok at 3/70 for a while.

Then either Mitsuko with Kiril for my healer or Magni and keep Boldtusk in.

Then it’s between Ursena and Seshat, because i already have Hel. I have a ton of dark heroes that I haven’t even started leveling up yet like Sartana, Domitia and Quintus. I also have Mok-Arr if I wanted to go with an all Dark team.

I’m one tonic away from Lianna, one telescope away from Magni, and a trap tool plus a tabbard away from one of my dark heroes.

I’ve had some incredibly lucky results from epic hero tokens and Atlantis coins. I still have a lot 4s to work on. I should have focused more on those but I just got so many 5s that i couldn’t resist working on those.


Yeah, if I didn’t already have Hel ascended, I might have gone with Seshat instead of Hel or Ursena. But everything I read said to go with Hel first. Hel is a killer but I have Seshat at 3/50 and she’s great especially for my second or third alliance war teams.

Hel is the right choice ALWAYS. She is awesome…better than Ursena and Seshat.

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Bur your question was who NEXT. You have Hel NOW. Seshat would be next is still my thinking

Thank you for the first true answer.

Would you really ascend Seshat first with Hel already ascended? I did plan on doing it eventually after some other colors. But I guess it couldn’t hurt you running 2 dark heroes. Especially those two

Yes I would I have 1 at 3/70 and she is wicked good

I run Kage 4/80 Kunchin 3/70 and Seshat 3/70 and use them against ALL colors

Just ascend her and don’t look back.

She is a great 5s red. She is my current tank. Holds me around 2600 cups.
Well pretty much any decent defense will hold you around 2500-2600+ unless your name is @Kerridoc and everyone will probably want to take a shot or 2 at him if they get a chance. :rofl:

Useful for offense but if you use her for defense, you have to be smart about it. Even having a Guin/GM/Kunchen tank will not hold you in diamond if you don’t make your team right.

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That is only true for those who have a relatively deep bench of heroes. For noobs like me, would prefer to play catch up by power leveling new shiny heroes that I would like to use right away. Do note to the rest, this also involves certain levels of spending.

When you have a decent roster for war, then yes it is true when you don’t have any particular hero that you want to use right away and you just level them for the sake of leveling. I only use color match feeding this way.

Good point. I’m going to ascend her at some point. Since I have the materials now, I might as well do it.

I might just ascend as the materials come.

I’m hoping for the tabbard so I can go with Seshat next.

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I’d argue it the other way around: the fastest way to get a deep bench of heroes is with match-color training. If you need heroes of every color, that’s the way to go.

Only recently have I stopped using matched-color. Instead, I’m focusing on a few top-tier heroes that will actually make a difference to my game play (which are few and far between).


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