Help on Ascension strategy

So here’s pic of some of my heroes, any help or simply providing input regarding anything is appreciated.

My main questions are regarding who to ascend. I currently have enough matts for two nature & fire, 1.5 holy, and 1 telescope/tabard short for ice & dark ascension.

My thoughts were to ascend lianna and marjana, and save one set in the bag for each (hopefully for a gravemaker). Hold out on holy until a potential GM as I don’t have any homeruns right now in my opinion. Thoughts?

But the main dilemma comes with Athena. When I get that last telescope, do I ascend her immediately or is she not worth it? I know Frida is coming out soon and maybe one/two from Atlantis, but I’m not sure where Athena ranks in turns of ice heroes.

Great field to work with, @Goblue333; wish I had your dilemma. :smiley:

Would help to know two things: What are your priorities/what’s your greatest perceived need in your teams, and who are you using/would you like to use as tank?

You already have perhaps the best sniper - the Big Burrito (Kage) - so it could be better to use Evelyn’s dispell over Lianna as an extra sniper. Zeline would be better for PvP and titans.

For tank, Mits would be better than Marjana (I’m leveling Marj now, but need the sniper). Yes, save the other red for GM!

I don’t have Athena, but if you don’t go with Ev, she’s the best defense debuffer in the game. It would be (is) really tempting to wait to see what Atlantis brings in the next two months - and if you can get one - before deciding; that’s probably what I’d do. Also, v20 is bringing many hero changes (buffs and nerfs), so better to be cautious. Who knows, after Aegir is buffed, you may want him! :wink:

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Athena is a beast. I wish i had her! Don’t wait for Frida.
Also, in terms of nature heroes, I’m personally going with Zeline when I get my next tonic. It looks like you already got a pretty good sniper. Zeline is in more of the top 100 teams consistently than Lianna if that is of any use?

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