Next dark 5* to ascend?

I have Hel maxed out but have Ursena, Seshat, Kageburado at 3.70 and Khiona is not fat behind. By the time i get another tabbard, she’ll be there.

I’m not sure who to ascend next. I love Ursena’s reflect, Kageburado’s speed, Seshat’s power and minion’s and I’m still figuring out how best to use Khiona.

I’m a tabbard away from ascending one of these but I’m torn about who to ascend next.

Currently I have Hel with Mitsuko, Joon, and Lianna all maxed. Magni is at 4.57 and I’m using Kiril maxed as my healer, but may change that to Grazul who will be maxed out by the weekend. She could take the fire spot in place of Mitsuko when Magni is maxed too.

Which dark should I ascend next? They’re all great but who is the best overall? It’s a good problem to have but still a problem.

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What titans are you on?

Currently a 10* emperor dragon

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I’d probably go kage if it was me

And i know that may sound nuts

But khiona’s best use is paired with wilbur so she doesn’t really need to go to 4/80 until 12*

And you have hel maxed so a purple AoE(ursena) isn’t a top priority

And kage has pretty high attack for titans, is a barbarian so low competition for emblems, and is mana speed is a nice utility to have.

Sesh is nice too but I’m using her at 3/70 with no problem and you’ll max more rangers than you will barbarians.

I’d go in order of:

Kage khiona sesh ursena

That will give you one beast of a sniper for war then a good titan hero then another sniper for war then a 2nd AoE to pair with one or both of your snipers or go mono if you wanted

But that’s just WHAT I WOULD DO

Right or wrong? No clue.

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Ursena’s reflect helps, but I have to wait to fire Hel because she freezes the Titans mana and by the time they fire, Ursena’s reflect wears off

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It’s incredible how many amazing 5* purple heroes there are. Kage gets my vote too.

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Thank you for the reco.

Any particular reason?

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I’ve gotten really lucky with a few pulls. And hero tokens. I usually save them for the challenge event and Atlantis because I’ve been stupidly lucky getting too many duplicate HOTMs.


Edited my response to show reason. I responded and then figured I’d better explain my thinking behind it

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I’d go Kage. A strong fast sniper with dispel will help you the most right now. Khiona next so you have a Dark hitter with attack boost

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Kage, Seshat, Khiona and then Urs - unless you want Urs for tank.

Kage is the best all rounder and speed is king in this game.

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In my honest opinion, the best out of that bunch is Kage. He is a first class all round hero that you won’t regret maxing. Good luck

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I’m hearing a lot of good reasons for Kage, and it just occurred to me that I have no barbarians maxed, so I could load Kage with a f**k-ton of emblems.

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Anyone that doesnt have gm but has kage will emblem kage

That class probly has the least competition in it’s pool of heros in the game. Kage or gm. Everyone else in that class currently is meh IMO

Ranger probly has the most competition within it’s class in my opinion which works against maxing seshat first.

That should seal the deal!

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I believe your right. I already have Lianna who is a killer ranger. She’s got a lot of the ranger emblems. Getting a different class in play who I can through a ton of emblems at is a great idea.

Thanks for the help. This actually was a great help for me. I’m still fairly new so getting input from more experienced players is excellent.

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