Just another who to ascend thread

OK, here goes.

My roster is pretty deep but I still need a better 6th war team.

I am covered on titans fairly well.

My Raid defense team hovers at 2600, so I’m OK there.

Mainly just looking for better war attack and versatility across the colors. I pretty much have ascension mats for only 1 hero at every color atm. I have a good idea what direction to go but still would like some opinions.

I will list out my fully leveled heroes first and then choices for final ascension next.

Green Fully Leveled
Morgan Le Fay

Green Possible Ascension
Lianna 1,2,3

Purple Fully Leveled
Guardian Panther

Purple Possible Ascension
Marie Therese

Yellow Fully Leveled
Joon 1
Joon 2
Joon 3

Yellow Possible Ascension
Joon 4
Ranvir 1
Ranvir 2

Blue Fully Leveled
Frida 1
Frida 2
King Arthur

Blue Possible Ascension
Costume Magni
Thorne 1
Thorne 2

Red Fully Leveled
Jean Francois 1

Red Possible Ascension
Khagan 1,2,3
Azlar 1,2
Elena 1,2
Jean Francois 2,3,4

Who to ascend for Red is easy, Gravemaker…no brainer.

Costume Magni seems like a no brainer also.

My toughest choices seem to be Yellow, Purple and Green.

I’ll boil it down to…
Sif or Joon 4?
Clarissa or Sartana?
Alberich or Lianna?

Or have I overlooked anyone? Thanks for the opinions!

i agree with your choices for red and blue! Grats on both

i would pick Clarissa, Sif and Alberich (still a favorite of mine)

yellow: do not waste darts on ranvir (i have him at 3/70 and that’s enough even for 14*, though intake 3/70 miki) and you have 3 joons already

purple: sartana is another sniper and i like diversity with my heroes

green: you can’t go wrong with either of them but you miss a 5* healer (tarlak’s not much at all) and alby can rez!


In my honest opinion it would have to be:
Red - Gravemaker
Blue - Magni costume
Yellow - Sif
Purple - Clarissa
Green - Lianna
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


thanks gang, now i feel better posting about this, the options are pretty close here. let’s see what others chime in with.

Sif, Clarissa, Lianna imo. Li or Alby is likely the closest decision you have to make and they’re very different at what they do, but you don’t have a good sniper yet in that colour and Alby at 3/70 is better than Lianna would be at that level so I gave it to her.

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I agree with all the above.

Clarissa is a good choice for purple.
Sif is the obvious choice for yellow.
Magni with costume is the obvious blue.
While I like Alberich (I don’t have him, but hate fighting him), you have Telluria for defense. Since this is an offensive-minded choice, Lianna is a good choice. I have her, and like her a lot.
Gravemaker is the super-obvious choice. He’s the hero I most covet. He’ll add a lot to your defense team.

Thanks folks, this is helping.

TBH, and granted there aren’t a ton of posters yet, but I wouldn’t have expected Sif to be unanimous so far. Sure I have 3 Joons, but why not 4? My 3 Joons, G.Jackal, and Guinivere mono color stack just rip through folks. So I would’ve thought Joon 4 to at least get some votes. But…I get it, Sif gives me versatility in yellow I don’t have and anyway, I literally have no riposte heros at all. Mitsuko doesn’t count as she’s not riposte, she’s reflect (I have her fully leveled and forgot her in the list above - I’ll edit the original post cause I forgot Morgan Le Fay being leveled too). So I guess I need to give strong consideration to Sif.

As for purple, for some reason I have in my head Clarissa is “not all that”. Namely because she has only been on one D team I faced in raids that has defeated me out of the last several days and I’ve seen a lot of Clarissa there. And yeah, she’s not Gravemaker, and yeah, I probably won’t put her on my D team. But offensively, is she better than Sartana? I think most folks are saying yes, but I’ll let them keep saying that. I tend to believe that but with her being so new I am slightly skeptical. Carlos Sartana is a known quantity and while I would never argue Clarissa being bad, I think it’s just a question of “how good is she actually”? Although with Morlovia last night I now have 6 tabards so I gotta figure this out quick. I have Clarissa at 3.40 and Sartana at 3.70.

As for green, this one is going to be tough. I have done so well completely avoiding, if at all possible, slow and very slow hero’s on all fronts. A predominant amount of my play style and philosophy involves fast or very fast, no matter the talent, hence me leaning on Lianna and others too. But there were a few votes for Alby and I get the rewards Alby gives you if he fires. I also get that Alby requires a focus on him when going against him in raids. But with Telluria on my D team I just don’t see me using him on D. He’s gonna be offensive. And with that said, I like the theory that I can still use him in wars at 3.70 potentially, while Lianna is at 4.80.

Anyway, keep chiming in. Thanks all.

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