Help with picking next heroes to ascend


I’m trying to determine which heroes to ascend next.

I have the mats for 2 Reds, 1 Holy, 1 Dark.

My plan for the dark was to max Ursena, but i’m thinking of trying for Kunchen in the next Atlantis Rises if he shows up, and possibly saving a set of rings for Feb HOTM if I’m lucky.

I’m trying to learn more about synergy and how to create teams that work well with each other.

Thanks for the help.

My roster is below.


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First of all nice roster. Well done. In my honest opinion for Red I would do Red Hood and Mitsuko and for purple Ursena and for yellow Poseidon… good luck

Ursena Poseidon Azlar

You don’t need another tank and Ursena can do that too.

MN Ursena Guin Magni Azlar

Finlay for Magni when he gets there.

I would say Azlar will fire just about everytime in the above scenerio as focus would be somewhere else.

For Holy, I would lean towards Viv, since it looks like you got her costume. I would go Victor over Ursena since you have several tank options, and an emblemed Kage for defense. Reds, I would probably go Kastrel and either Grazul or Azlar depending on titans, and how you stack for raids.

You’ve got a ton of great heroes, specifically your 5*, whoa

For purple, I’d go ahead with Ursena, since Kunchen isn’t a for sure thing, and she’s worth the mats anyway; so fun to bring in against holy titans, and a great defender, too. Plus, having Vivica’s costume, it’s a close enough match to Kunchen where if you decide to max and level her next, Kunchen could wait [anyway]. After, I’d be working on Jabberwock because he’s brutal. Then, if you pull Kunchen, I’d max him next. Victor, Khiona and Sartana are worthy of 4th tier too, but should be put on the back-burner [for now]. Wouldn’t bother with Boss Wolf, Domitia, Obakan, Quintus, Thoth or Grimble.

For yellow, I’d definitely max Vivica (& costume) for defense down in yellow; like I said, close enough to Kunchen, where you get cleanse, dispel, defense up, defense down and a solid heal all in one. After, I’d be working on maxing Poseidon for snipe and mana protection. Then probably Inari for that tile damage and fun dodge, and Joon after that for another solid sniper (amazing paired with Guardian Jackal - so be sure to keep and level one if you pull him next event). Rana and Ranvir might be worth eventually maxing, but not urgent. & I’d hold off completely with Neith, Leonidas and Justice.

Not sure if you’re wondering about the other colors, but I’ll give my 2¢ on them as well

Red: If you don’t pull Jean, I’d do Grazul first, as she’s an amazing support hero to have on offense for that immunity alone. I’d suggest Natalya next, cuz even though her hit isn’t immediate, it’s deadly with mana control mixed in there, too. Once they’re both done, I’d look at maybe Red Hood or Santa next. If you stack and rely on tile damage, Azlar and/or Elena could be worth maxing in the future [for that]. Although, you’ve got plenty of other amazing heroes to work on in the meantime. So for now, I’d leave Elena, Azlar, Anzogh, Kestrel and Khagan alone.

Blue: I’d probably max Miki first for titans solely, since he is the best tile buffer for that. Though, if you’re willing to continue using a 3/70 Miki for the time being (only bonus you get from maxing him is increased survivability) I’d probably do Finley first- one of the most brutal heroes in raid settings. After those two are done, I’d go King Arthur for elemental defense down (amazing just about anywhere in a stack), then Alice for the best rogue sniper. Isarnia (& costume) and Snow White would come after, then maybe even Rumpel for fun. Leave Perseus, Richard and Thorne for last.

Green: I’d make Kingston your next maxed green project for another solid sniper at 80. After would be Tarlak for blue titans and support in raids. Morgan, Lady Locke, Hatter and Yunan are all worth eventually maxing, just not right now. & I’d leave Kadilen, Elkanen, Margaret and Horghall for last.

As for synergy, I’d suggest stacking, and using elemental defense droppers in those stacks. So Evelyn + Lianna/Kingston, Arthur + Finley + Magni/Alice (not ideal, having to wait on Arthur, but still can work if you hold their SS), Jackal + Joon, Wilbur + Falcon + Mitsuko. Dodge + blind is a great synergy, as well as stacking different DOTs together, too. Then there’s always the basic attack up + defense down synergy. Sometimes, it takes playing with a few different heroes to find one that you really enjoy.

& Before I go, I do wanna suggest a few more things:

For one, it looks like you’re spreading your feeders around to too many mouths at once, which can slow your progress down significantly. Going forward, I’d suggest only working on one to two heroes in a specific color at any given time, doing on-color feedings for the extra 20% exp bonus, til they’re either maxed, or at the mat wall. For example, I feed all of my 1* heroes to any new projects (on-color, of course) while giving my 2*+ to heroes going to 70+; I don’t ascend a hero, especially if it uses unfarmable mats, unless I’m ready to take them to the max level on that ascension.

Second would be to consider working on, and finishing, a few more of your 4*. I know they’re not as shiny as your other heroes, especially while having so many great 5*, but they are still very important and useful (even moreso than 5* in some cases, considering they can be used for both 4* and 5* raid challenges, and events).

A few of the best: Jackal (if you pull him), Tiburtus (he’s so close, and has a pretty great costume), Merlin (mana control is always amazing), Gretel, Grimm, Peters, Buddy (only defense down in green), Melendor (since he’s close, and healers are always needed + nice costume), Falcon and Triton.

Others worth mentioning: Caedmon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Gafar, Jack and Sonya (especially the costume).

Third, I’d also consider maxing more 3* for that very same purpose (ie events and raid challenges), especially since they don’t take much max. Though, since their use is more limited [than 4*], I wouldn’t make them a priority til you get more 4* leveled. Worth consideration [in the future], as having several maxed leads you to doing better in those RC/events, therefore getting more mats and emblems for your other heroes.

Alright, think I’ve typed enough for one post (lol), so I’ll leave it at that. If you have anymore questions, feel free to shoot, or else good luck on your leveling and happy gaming :blush:


Their roster is better than mine!

I agree with JGE. You’re going to be playing with 3 or 4 of the top 5 tanks in the game and probably 8 of the top 10 heroes overall. You’re stacked!

Thanks for the reply @JGE !

I do have one Mitsuko maxed, are you thinking to have two maxed?

Thanks @King_Nothing. Appreciate the reply. I’m definitely going to try that lineup.

Thanks @Euphoria appreciate the response. I think I am also leaning towards viv for holy. We’ll see.

Thanks @RandaPanduh for your response. That’s a ton of great info for me. I definitely dipped my hands in a bunch of heroes all at once. I got a shiny new toy and would often start leveling right away. I’m definitely trying to focus on one or two at a time.

It’s going to take me some time to go through everything you wrote. Thanks again for such a well thought out response.

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Also, any suggestions for a raid/war defense team?

mine was raid defense.

Your war defense should depend on what your alliance uses for a tank. But you should probably have that covered with your roster no matter what it is.

I love Ursena, but not sure she adds more to his team right now, with a maxed kage, seshat, and Hel. Titan synergy isn’t that great with both Hel and Ursena. She is excellent at tank on Defense but they already have several options for tank. Khiona or costumes rigard would also fit nicely into the Titan team

Why single out titan synergy when there’s so much more to the game than that? Plus, why would they even need to bring in both in the first place? I wouldn’t; I’d leave out Hel on that team if Ursena is on it. Miki + Tibs + Kage + Seshat + Ursena (& could still remove Kage/Seshat to fit in Sabina for a heal, and/or Khiona/Rigard for an attack buff)

So I disagree. Ursena is great on titans, awesome on defense, and a solid hero to bring on offense in a stack vs 2+ holy heroes. Her reflect can’t be covered by any of the other heroes the OP has maxed, nor do they have a maxed AoE 5* in the first place. So actually, Ursena brings a lot of new to the table. Comparing her to Hel and Kage only works if you’re talking offensive heroes in general, and you can never really have enough of that lol. + Healing looks to be well covered already, if that’s the thought process behind it.

Who would you suggest instead? Waiting for Kunchen? Costumed Vivica is close enough, plus you never know if he’ll even drop. Jabberwock? Now he’s even closer to Kage than Ursena, being solely offensive without the utility. Khiona? Her attack buff is great, but a costumed Rigard can [basically] cover that without the extra mats to go to 4T; won’t be as awesome, but still good enough. Plus, Khionas attack buff works the same at 70 as it does at 80, so if that’s the main reason you’re using her, there’s really no reason to max unless you want her on defense or to add survivability.

It’s alright lol (idk how to not be so detailed), so it’s there for reference whenever you need it :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you using unified tanks in war? If so, what color?

Your best tank options are Aegir (blue), Guin (yellow), Yunan (green), Ursena (purple), and Santa (red)

Though, wouldn’t recommend maxing a hero solely for that unless they’re also the color you’re using [for tank] in war.

Some ideas using the heroes you already have maxed:



Mother North-Seshat-Guin-Kage-Marjana

Doubling a color in defense, specifically yellow vs purple, typically works better in war vs regular defense (unless well thought-out), due to forcing the enemy to use up more of those colors quickly. So outside of war, I’d recommend sticking to a rainbow defense, especially if you’re unsure of the setup, since it’s the safest bet.

I think Ursena is great against Titans, but doesn’t pair the best with Hel.
On raids in main color, I would take seshat, kage and hel before Ursena 95% of the time. If he needed a purple tank, Ursena all day, however I feel like Victor with his defense buff at very fast provides more utility in off color then Ursena.

Splitting hairs really as there is really no wrong answer. Thanks for the discussion :+1:.

Wow you have some kick ■■■ heros

We typically use dark for our tanks because that’s what most people have.

I’m definitely going to try some of those lineups.

My current lineup was:


I typically stay around 2500-2600

I’m still debating in my head with who to ascend, so we’ll see. Thanks Everyone for the the input. Much appreciated.

Thanks, @Wizzy19735 :grinning:

Hey @RandaPanduh. So, I have another leveling question. My roster is still relatively the same.

I’m looking to max my next green and three reds.

Since the last time, I maxed Zeline.

I’ve also added Heimdall and Telluria, both of which are at 3^70. I’ve narrowed my choices down to Kingston, Telluria, and Heimdall.

For reds, I ended up maxing Santa because my alliance switched to Reds, but that didn’t work so we switched back to blue. So, that was not ideal. I still have enough rings for three more.

I’m saving gems and atlantis coins for may…hoping for gravemaker. Definitely going to spend some if I have to in hopes of landing him. I ended up leveling To 3^70 Natalya, Khagan, Kestrel, and Jean Francois.

Looking for some additional advice. Thanks.