Master Lepus or Richard or 2nd Magni or 2nd Vela?

Hi forum,
I have 9 scopes, enough for 1.5 heroes. As title says I have choice of Master Lepus, Richard, 2nd Magni and 2nd Vela. Don’t really like the idea of levelling dupes. And looks like I have enough snipers, so may be Richard?
My other 5* blue is Perseus and I also have emblemed Triton whose stats are comparable to Magni’s.
What do you think?

I would go lepus…
Fast splash >>>>> Richard
Fast splash >>>>>> Dupe vela
Fast splash >>>>> dupe Magni

20 lepus


Lepus 10x better than richard


Lepus for sure. Better to kill the enemy, then to leave them alive with weakened attack.

And Lepus’ splash damage can potentially finish off 3 enemies, whereas Triton, Magni, Perseus can each only hit one.

Richard would be a better tank… but… are you looking for a tank?

standard ToS for advice apply :wink:

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Between Richard and 2nd Vela, 2nd Vela
Between Richard and Magni, Magni
Between Master Lepus and 2nd Vela, Vela
it is Vela ist and Master Lepus 2nd. Zygna has not fixed Master Lepus for self damage. Master hit hard fast but die young faster.

Nope. I’d ascend Master Lepus first. It was what and how I did it. Well, to be fair, I got Lepus almost a year ahead of Vela anyway :grin:

Nope. It is 2nd Vela vs 1st Master Lepus.

There is no fixing required. All bunnies from SpringVale have those self/team ailments. But there are several heroes to counter those self-ailment, i.e. Jean Francois, Grazul or Poseidon (for Lady Woolerton). Emblems may also help in nullifying or minimizing the effects of such self-ailment.

This is often the trait of glass cannons.

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You need to reconsider this position. Lepus is probably the second best blue attacker after Finley. His defensive down does not matter if the other team is dead

His def down also overwrites bigger def downs and isn’t overwritten by them, as it is not dispellable, which is not often considered advantage

Honestly he is awesome, and top players all know that


It is your call, not mine. It is you who have a problem in choosing which way to go and they are all your heroes. Chill!


Ha?!? Say what? I don’t have a problem. I was commenting on your post. Read up again.

Why are you replying to a 6 month old thread anyway? :expressionless:

Also agreed with the two others, Vela has been completely destroyed for offense purposes and is a shadow of her former self, so Lepus all the way. Yes he’s a glass cannon but with enough emblems and a high level mana troop he can basically wipe half the board by himself in a blue stack with Grimm/cKiril/Frida/Arthur (I use cKiril since I don’t have either Frida or Arthur)

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