Master Lepus or Richard or 2nd Magni or 2nd Vela?

Hi forum,
I have 9 scopes, enough for 1.5 heroes. As title says I have choice of Master Lepus, Richard, 2nd Magni and 2nd Vela. Don’t really like the idea of levelling dupes. And looks like I have enough snipers, so may be Richard?
My other 5* blue is Perseus and I also have emblemed Triton whose stats are comparable to Magni’s.
What do you think?

I would go lepus…
Fast splash >>>>> Richard
Fast splash >>>>>> Dupe vela
Fast splash >>>>> dupe Magni

20 lepus


Lepus 10x better than richard


Lepus for sure. Better to kill the enemy, then to leave them alive with weakened attack.

And Lepus’ splash damage can potentially finish off 3 enemies, whereas Triton, Magni, Perseus can each only hit one.

Richard would be a better tank… but… are you looking for a tank?

standard ToS for advice apply :wink:

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