Rafael or a second sniper, master lepus

Hi…I have to make a very difficult choice.Only 6 telescopes and 2 heroes: Rafael and master lepus.I dont have a 5 star healer but honestly I dont needed I think, except Ariel that is a hero that we all should have…I love the bunny but a very low defense. I want to max the bunny because I use him for titans with magni costume and I think I can replace magni costume in war defense with master lepus…I have 1100 emblems for the bunny and 0 for Rafael.Please help me

That’s a pretty easy choice. Lepus on the attack path is a killer. One of the highest attack stats in the game. If you don’t need a healer there’s no question.



All day, any day and twice on sunday


Thank you…I wanted so much to upgrade lepus …now I’m 100% sure


Thank you…so much…


And another vote here for Lepus. :wink:


Gotta love the bunny.


Lep it…all day long.


Your instinct is correct. Lepus. Wish I had him and not 4 Rafaels.


I am in a similar situation with Master Lepus and Costume Magni

I got them both recently, I am leaning towards C Magni with the defense down (currently using 4* Grimm for that) but I hear so much praise about ML and his high attack damage that makes me wonder :thinking:

So Master Lepus or C Magni?

As for OP, I would wait until this Atlantis since Ariel is featured this month (only a few days from now). Raf is good but I think with Ariel being so good and Kiril, blue has plenty of healers and I would recommend ML since damage is always good

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Think I’d probly go c magni here if it was me

Offers good versatilty between his costume & non costume

His costume and lepus do work very well together

1 deciding factor i guess could be your war defense if your alliance is pretty war focused


I use Vela as my blue defense hero

Magni or Lepus would be for offense

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Then I’d go magni first since u have the costume

Magni costume works everywhere…offense, defense and titans…master lepus,instead, not good for defense…in my opinion

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