Magni or Richard for def team

Morning , who is better Magni with 11 emblems or Richard with 14 and thx

Richard is a better tank, Magni is a better flank. If you need a wing, go with Magni (but it’s not a great option).


I have Kunchen Tank …GM Kunch Magni or Richard Kunch GM

How many other blues maxed?

If none… You’re way too early in 5* game to be prioritizing defence in your ascension thinking.

Which is more useful in attack?
Costumes for neither - Magni.
Costumes for both - Magni.
Costume for Richard but not Magni? Close…

In most contexts here, you go Magni regardless of defence (if defence for some odd reason did come into the picture it’s still Magni unless at tank anyway)


In my honest opinion, 100% Magni …
Unless you need a Blue 5* tank and then it’s Richard

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I’d pick richard. The attack reduction is more useful.

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i have lepus but no much emblems

I would strip Richard of emblems and put them somewhere else. Absolutely use Lepus for your defense team.

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dont have many emblems for lepus