Which blue to max?

Got my 6th scope. Who to max? 2nd Magni, Master Lepus, or Costume Isarnia?

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Isarnia for titans (arguably your best source for mats).

Lepus is really good also.

Unless you’ve got a burning desire for a duplicate Magni, I’d do him after the others.

Unless you have Magni’s costume, I would level up Lepus or c-Isarnia.

The choice between Lepus and c-Isarnia is a little harder. On offense, I think Lepus is better. c-Isarnia would be better for titans, if you don’t already have a defense down hero, and for stacking (she has one of the highest, if not the highest, attack stat in the game, currently).

I’d go master lepus. With the nerf to vela he has 5o be the next go to flank IMO. Isarnia is good but a little squishy. Still a good hero to have though. But inwould go for lepus personally.

In my honest opinion, it all depends what you need most
So if you want to improve on the Titan it has to be Isarnia.
For war, raids and the map it’s toss a coin between duplicate Magni and Lepus
Personally, I much prefer variety so I would focus on Lepus next
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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I think the bunny is generally better than c Isarnia. Better a fast glass cannon than a slow one. She might provide a titan boost for you, but one can monster titans with her, of course.

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