Who next for scopes

Hi I’m genuinely in a quandary about who to
give scopes to next. Ive seven telescopes and I already have the following ice 5*'s maxed; Aegir+18, Alasie+17, Vela, Frida, Isarnia, Richard and Magni (plus a Kiril+17, hoping for his costume). So I’ve no real gap in my ice roster or in my other elements which means my choice of who next for scopes is really based on who’s a better hero.
My choices are Rumplestiltskin who’s at 3.70. I got him last summer and he kept missing out on scopes (to Magni and then Vela). He’s still my only challenge event 5* and I like the fun element to him plus other than Natalya who I have maxed and emblemed, he’s my only 5* sorcerer candidate to be maxed.
I was lucky to pull Master Lepus yesterday and I like heavy hitters. He’ll hit the target as hard pretty much as Magni with some splash damage but with his self harming effect.
I also have two Magnis and three Velas at 1.1.
I think one Vela is enough to max especially for now.
I’m waiting to see if I get the Magni costume. Another vanilla Magni would not get the scopes but if I get his costume I’d definitely consider him for the scopes.
So who would people pick? Rumplestiltskin, Master Lepus, Vela or costume bonus Magni?

Master Lepus would be my choice for sure. He hits so hard and since you have Frida maxed those two really are deadly combo. Lepus would be also helpful in events, if you are into competing those.


+1 vote for Lepus. Lepus’ splash damage means he can eliminate 3 enemies at once - and he’s fast, so he can keep hitting and hitting and hitting. Besides Frida, he would combo very well with Kiril, Isarnia. Aegir helps keep him alive too. And - his negative effect doesn’t matter if he kills the enemy with his hit :wink:

Note: Lepus is the only one I have among your choices, so take my advice with a grain of salt :wink:

and standard Terms of Service for advice apply :slight_smile:


I placed 450th in Wonderland legendary so I do like to place high in events. I’m leaning towards Lepus. Gonna wait to see if I pull Magnis costume 1st next week though. Thank you.

Lepus. Rumple is meh and you already have Magni and Vela maxed.

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Lepus for sure. Rumple as you day is just a better version of danzaburo.

Lepus combined with grazul or jeanfrancoise will ban/counter the defense downer.

And also: if lepus has a def downer f.e. from kunchen -34% , his effect will oberwrite the -34% with the -20%. Thats a nice side effect.

Frida + lepus is one 99% kill and neighbors that still be taking severe damage. Perfect combo, often discussed here.

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Waiting a week is a good idea, as it doesn’t lose you that much time. Although… have the new costumes (including Magni’s) been confirmed for next week already? Last I heard the new costumes were still in beta, and not confirmed for release.

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I doubt they’ll be released by next week. But never say never… :smile:


Tbh I’m guessing they’ll be released next week. We already had a couple of versions of them which makes me think that they just might be released tho.

I think you answered your own question :grin: enjoy your new bunny :carrot:

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In my honest opinion you should focus on Master Lepus first
Good luck

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