Second Vela or Richard

Well thats the question.Is there any meaning for second Vela?

It will, I think, depend on what SG do with the new proposed raid formations linked to the Hero Academy

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Richard was my first legendary hero and has used him for several months early on. Unfortunately, he is stuck at 3/70 with the scopes going to Athena, Frida, Ariel, Master Lepus, Snow White, Vela and Miki. Left with 1 scope in my inventory, I’d rather ascend my 1st Magni or 2nd Vela or 2nd Ariel than ascend Richard, even hesitating to ascend him if I ever get his costume.

Ascending 2nd Vela would be okay if for war depth since she is fast and deals AOE with water damage, and if you dont have other blue heroes and have at least 12 scopes.


Depends on your teams, depends if you run mono and want another blue mono, depends if you have a good tank, depends if you have Richard’s costume.

Personally, I have vela and I don’t have use for another one. And if I just had non-costume Richard and I already had a good war and raid tank, I would just save my mats.

I have Richard’s costume and I like it, much better than another vela.

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really depends on your roster. what other maxed blues do you have? what would you use him for? would he get a spot in your raid team? or probably only get use in war anyway?

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Τhanks everyone for ur replies.Maxed blue 5s i have Athena,Misandra,Vela and Thorne.In wars i go mono except sometimes depends.I have around 25 fully maxed 5s including telly,hel,seshat etc.the only 5* costume i have is joons

I’d level another Vela.

I have a maxed Richard whom I rarely use now with the current Telly deluge. Whereas I have a second Vela at 3:70 I use more often. Yes Richard hits harder, but Velas water damage to all is more useful especially if the opponent doesn’t have a cleanser.



i did second vela (she kinda overwrites herself… it’s nice when a copy dies that you have the other, but nowadays mono is overkill or over-crap-board) and benched thorne 1.1 even though i have 17 scopes
but if i would get richard i would max him especially for the shield emblems that are just sitting and get dusty - did a lvl12 sonya just because … now im at 700 free of hero

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Second vela it is.thanks everyone

I’m in the same boat. I only have Clarissa, Joon, Poseidon, Vela, Atomos and Gravemaker maxed legendaries with some others stalled at 3:70 Working on elkanen and costume viv. Have costume Richard at 3;70 and five scopes currently but unsure whether to give them to him or 2nd Vela when the last one arrives. For some reason the RNG thinks I only like ice so I’ve got other options of Magni, Thorne, Rumpelstiltskin, Perseus and Skadi (along with another Thorne and 2 More Richards) yes totally unbalanced but whet can you do?

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