💯 ToS for Forum-goers Gameplay Help & Tactics replies

Honestly, I like helping earnest pleas from players seeking gameplay advice but I often get tired of listing out all the caveats and concerns I have about missing information in relation to their request before I providing the answer/advice to their question.

So I’m including my (and anyone else’s) regularly referenced warnings prior to advice:

  • Please note without knowing your entire roster, which heroes you have maxed, the element distribution, and alliance war strategy employed I can only provide a general answer about the hero in question.

  • Please note without knowing your ascension material inventory, rate of replenishment and other candidates for said ascension material I can only provide a general answer about who to ascend.

  • Please note that team synergies can make nearly every hero in this game usable, so do not consider advice given for/against a certain hero as a condemnation of a hero. A well composed team will usually fare well in most situations as opposed to just sticking the “best” heroes together without regard.

  • Please note that ultimately defenses are designed to lose. The attacking team selects their team composition based on your defense, directs which of their heroes charges faster with tile play, controls who they attack/kill first and when they heal/buff/debuff/cleanse/dispel. Compared to that your defense can be ordered so if all specials are fully charged they fire from left to right in consecutive order and slower mana speeds can be placed in tanks and flanks to charge faster via tile damage.


  • Please note that without knowing your current emblem distribution, inventory of emblems and other emblem candidates, I can only provide a general answer about who I would prefer to ascend emblem between two heroes.

Edit: From @sleepyhead

  • Please note that a more detailed background on which areas of the game you prioritize would help our assessment/advice be more personalized for you. Are you seeking advice for Raid defense, Raid Attack/Offense, Titan attacks, War defense, challenge events, PvE?

Comedic Edit: From the peanut gallery/comedy troupe ringleader @Math4lyfe

  • Please note that even more details such as your favorite color and type of attire worn (not worn) has not been proven to affect the quality of gameplay feedback you receive but neither has it been disproved.

Edit: From @PooFlingerJr 's school of hard knocks

  • Don’t worry; be happy; understand that being happy is the primary objective; don’t lose

Any other frequently posted prefaces to your sage wisdom?

Edit: See: Forum ToS of my reply

Reference order of edits (1st from sleepyhead, 2nd from myself to create my reference shortuct, 3rd from math4lyfe, 4th from myself concerning emblems and 5th from pooflingerjr)


great list, and thanks for doing this.

Also, how about: which areas of the game do you prioritize? Is it raid offense? raid defense? titans? war defense? challenge events? I see so many threads starting with “which hero is best?!” And - it depends. best for what?




Always take Rigard :face_with_monocle:


Added…obviously rephrased to add enough pretense to my pretentious post.
Pretty sure I stayed true to your idea and encapsulated the gist of your advice.

I almost always do.


nicely done, your rephrasing would put most consultants or lawyers to shame… by restating it that way, you have increased the value of our advice by 300% :wink:

and thank you kindly for the credits!


I think favorite color… and perhaps attire… play a huge role in hero selection.

I’m totally kidding. Kinda.


Well…you can take my edit as you will…


Congrats. You earned an audible lol from me. :rofl::rofl: thanks


Although, I don’t know if I’m happy or disappointed that my regularly scheduled forum shenanigans don’t always elicit an audible lol.


I disagree with these Terms of Service. I expect you will be hearing from my Lawyer soon!


Live scene of me against @Guvnor 's lawyer:

I’ve also changed the title to be less about me and more accessible for anyone to link this post.


My bit of advice, especially for those who complain about raids/war being difficult to win, and this is guaranteed to work provided every step is followed:
1- Don’t worry
2- Be happy
3- Know that nothing else matters except 2
4- Don’t lose

Thus endeth the lesson.


Added your input in edit 5

Also included edit 4 prefacing emblems


My ocd is freaking out on your ordering.

Acceptable solution?
I’d like to document/maintain record of when edits where added so I left a reference at the bottom.


More than acceptable.

Thank you kindly.

Except for Dawa, Renfeld, and Atomos (feel free to add to the list)