Marjana or Jean Francois

Finally have the last set of rings, who should I use them, Marjana or Jean Francois? Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

I used to regret using my rings on JF. Now that I’ve had time to play around with him and put some emblems on him he’s actually not bad at all. He works well as a tank in wars if your team runs red. He boost the survivability of your whole team on blue season 3 stages but a ton – Jott and Nordri don’t factor in too much with him leading my team. He also has good tile damage. Personally, I would never use the attack path on emblems, since they barely raise his DOT but go the defense and health route so he can stay alive and keep the other team burning. Just my 2 cents. In raids I’d much rather face off against Marjana too, personally.


Put my other heroes here so you can see what I have

Thanks Tottenham and good luck with Mourinho :blush: I’m Portuguese and he was in my team Porto

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Marjana Pros

  • Rogue class so less competence for emblems.
  • One of the few red snipers.
    -Good wing
    -Fast speed

Marjana cons
-Low tile damage without emblems
_one target hitter

Jean Francois Pros
-Damage all at fast speed

  • Good skill flipping defense , adding ice defense and giving crit boost for redd(stacking)
    -Versatile in defense. (tank, flank)

Jean Francois Cons

  • Wizard class is so crowed so he has lot of emblems competitors.
  • Her dot needs one turn to do damage so is suceptible to being cleansed.

Personally i really like both heroes ! i have my JF maxed in im pleased of him in my defense team
Id love to have Marjana and certainly id max her too but one has to play with what one has.

Good luck !


Also have Kadilen, Leonidas and Rafaelle

I dont have Marjana jet, but i do have JF on +18 and i dont regret putting ring on him… really good in deff as tank,keeps me over 2k5 kups…
So i would go with JF, but still its more what you need…sniper or a support red one…
Either way you cant miss who to ring up :slightly_smiling_face:

I have both. JF works better on offense and defense. His special skills are unique and needs to be mastered. I usually pair JF with BT+20 and Gormek+20. Leaving Marjana in my roster.

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That’s an interesting pairing. JF doesn’t benefit by neither of them as DoT isn’t affected by att up nor def down.

To OP - would suggest Marjana first as she is the only red sniper. JF is useful but for much deeper roster down the line.

P.S have both maxed Marj + 19 and JF +6.


I had the same problem and decided to go for JF.

Agree that Marj is one of the few Red snipers. That being said, JF is the perfect counter to Isarnia/Frida/(are there others I’m forgetting?) protection vs blue + def down-flipping special when running mono red on war offense. Soooooo good.


How many rogue emblems do you have? One thing you could do, is max Kelile and feed her emblems. She’s not a true replacement for Marjana of course, but her maxed emblem stats are pretty comparable. Of course her SS damage isn’t quite as high, but it’s similar considering her attack stat is a bit higher. Then you can give your rings to JF and have a bit of both.


Personally i see too much difference in terms of stats (def and hp) to even consider using emblems on Kelile having marjana waiting . Its better , if he max JF first to wait for more mats for Marjana
He can still use maxed Kelile but i think is wiser save the rogue emblems for marj. At least the op doesnt care about loosing a reset emblem + food + iron when he can max Marjana

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I have both. I am not a fan of JF but he is really good on defence when I face him. So if you need the hero for your der team - JF. He also works on offence with specific team setup. But his special is not so mean on offence because of lack of direct damage.
Marjana is great classic sniper. You can use her in every red stack on offence. She is also good defensive ( good defence stats, rouge class).
I like Marj but JF is worth rings too.


JF has great synergy with Vela. You have both specials going at the same time, the enemy just starts melting with that DOT.


I have both. And each are good in their own way.
If you’re looking for a good sniper/damage dealer and a sure thing, then Marjana.
Jean Francois’ buffs are interesting and useful if you’re going up against Isernia or Kuncheon. But keep in mind that his offense is limited as it is status only damage. Meaning that Malosi will render him useless. Any cleansers will eliminate his damage. Monks can resist his burn (recent battle with Drake Fong annoyed me to no end when he resisted 2 or 3 times). And Kingston is immune to his damage. However, there is a strength to this, as you bypass riposte heroes with his indirect damage.


I just go that final set of rings and decided to go for JF…working towards a Vela - Tel - JF centre


It’d be good if JF had initial damage. That’s one of the reason why I’m a little reluctant to ascend him. + DOT is not much although he can fire many times.

However I think the pairing makes total sense because tile damage will be impacted by attack up and defense down debuff.

JF is my only red 5* hero and I really hesitate to give him the mats…

Plus one from me on marj first then JF.


If you don’t have 11-12 rings would wait for Marjana maybe from TC20. As i said above, JF is much more useful imo for bigger rosters and is not for first red legendary. Marjana with emblems is a very proper sniper and frankly doesn’t have a lot of competition in rogue class in 5*

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