Jean Francois vs S1 5* heroes

I will tell you why i maxed my jean francois over all the others even Marjana.

JF vs Khagan.
Here theres no contest. One is a fast hero with a dangerous DOT and a powerful def up ability.
What is more the elemental link so useful against green titans.

JF vs Marjana .
Lot of people lean towards Marjana . I dont. Why ? I have precios snipers in other colors. Marjana is powerful but only hitting a single target . Shes not match against JF when It comes to titans and quest/events.

JF vs Azlar .
Well… The lion is a powerful beast but again hes slow. It would be a rough choice here maybe with costume Azlar could beat to JF.

JF vs Elena .
Im not fond of Elena. She only has high tile damage but is absolutly squishy and slow .

What is your opinion? Do you consider JF worth the rings compared to classic ones?
I would not bring into the comparing to event heroes, other seasons and hotm reds because they may overwhelm JF(not all ofc)


Good question. I’m especially interested in comparisons between JF and Mariana (who I don’t have) and Azlar (who I have), I think they are the best two red S1 5*. And I still have mixed feelings on JF and I’m not alone, looking how long is “buff JF” thread.

Jean francois is an excelent all round hero. I want to say , for example , you have lot of versatility on him
A powerful DOT, Defense UP and hes very good on stacking because his elemental link .
I think hes better than most of S1 reds.

JF is not bad, I suspect most people are disappointed with his nerf, but he is still worth ascending. Especially with omnipresent Velas, who make Marj hit like a wet noodle, but don’t degrade JF’s attack power. I had a hard time to decide whether ascend him or QoH. Finally I went with Queen, but mostly because she’s my favorite hero and also because I got Sif before and her + Sif next to each other is killer combo in most stages.

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Elena can be very useful for players who struggle with hard event/quest levels. She has a very high tile attack, a decent special attack and her riposte causes tough bosses to lose lots of HP.

In 5* rush attack weekly tour Elena is a beast (although they admittedly occur only once every two months or so)

I would definitely ascend JF and not Elena if I had the choice. Nevertheless, Elena also has her merits🙂

Overall, I’d say it depends on one’s other heroes. Marjana is much less punishing than Joon or Lianna or some of the special snipers. Especially against highly emblemed and/or costumed heroes, she doesn’t inflict very much damage. So in most cases I think JF with all his special effects is the more interesting hero and I’d rather ascend him than Marjana (or any of the three slow ones).


If I don’t get GM in next Atlantis, I’m also between Marjana and JF (have Elena but not too impressed by her). Leaning to JF atm, but I don’t have a red sniper either… Finding it difficult to decide

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