Should I Put a Ring on It? Noor Vs JF

Hi folks,

Just got my 6th rings and wondering who I should max between Noor and Jean Francois? Both currently at 3.70.

I currently have these reds at 4.80:

  • Kong
  • Tyr
  • Khagan
  • Anzogh
  • Marjana

The only other red I have is another Khagan. I’m now F2P so more any time soon is unlikely so I’d like to do one or the other. I don’t have any other 5* that does minions, so that might be interesting, but being slow seems like a huge drawback. JF doesn’t wow me, but feels like he might be the “right choice”?

Thoughts please?

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JF is great imo, he has synergy with many heroes like the bunnies or opponents Kunchen etc. I run him on my war d with killhare :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No idea if they buff Noor in the near future, at her current state she has no spots. :thinking:


JF usually messes up my strategy against Telluria tanks by rendering Wilbur useless (and any orher deffense down hero, for that matter) Down side, he can be easily dispelled, making his special worthless… Noor, I can’t think of any use to her… and she’s slow…


JF is a better overall hero than Noor.

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That’s exactly my dilemma too! I would choose JF but my other maxed red is GM and their burning DoT won’t stack. I don’t have any Springvale hero with defense down and I like minions, so three reasons to vote for Noor. Unless there really is a convincing argument to choose otherwise?

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Besides, check which one of them can be possibly emblemed. For example JF won’t ever get any emblems from me because they are reserved for Onatel and Proteus. On the other hand Noor as druid can get emblems because I have an abundance of druid emblems.

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JC and Marjana have the same kind of DOT that override each other.
You do not want to see both of them in defense team, for sure.
Also for the offense team JC and Marjana can go together but DOT of Marjana is far weaker than JC, while JC does not deal initial damage.

If both of them are ready to fire the skill, I will fire Marjana first to get initial damage from her, then follow by JC more powerful DOT to override Marjana’s.

All in all, JC is better than Noor anyway. Furthermore, I do not know that you are using Wizard Emblems with other heroes already or not. This might be a factor you have to consider, since there are many great 4-5* heroes in Wizard Class.

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My vote goes to JF it’s sad that he does no upfront damage only the dot seems underwhelming but his ability to turn def down into defence up has been phenomenal for me.
Love JF


I’d go jf

I’m not a huge fan of the no initial damage

But the fast DoT and ice buff is helpful

I typically pair him with zim or anzogh, that way still get initial damage on all and the DoT on all

Plus him and anzogh’s ice buffs stack so another perk

Even paired with Kong i think he would work well, kong hits pretty hard and then you have jf DoT on top of that


JF will serve you and create synergies more than noor

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If you love birds… Then you can go on noor.



Noor has applications in PVE, which potentially includes events and the upcoming Ninja tower.

I have Noor (4/80 - emblems will go on her as soon as I have the resources to place them), I like her, she works well with my team. She has increased my winning % against GTV.

I don’t have JF, I did want him, and I used to keep forgetting about his defense reversal. However, now I used Lady Loki and Grazul and I don’t have any defense debuffers and he ends up literally doing nothing. I’d assume strategically he could work well on offense.

I would say that Noor and her special and her innate ability are completely different to every other hero, whereas JF has a nice defense reversal but a non-stackable burn. Therefore Noor is easier to place in a team and will always be able to help unconditionally.


Thanks everyone - almost all for JF, yet I still like the idea of having a minion mistress - maybe in the vague hope she is Nerfed in the future…

Also, as pointed out, my Wizard emblems are now on Isarnia (20), now going on Kiril (5 so far), then the plan would be Proteus… Certainly before JF… Where Owl is at 20 druid, and the rest are just being scattered on 3*… Not really required (tho fun in the tourneys) - and too many yellows… So Noor would certainly get a look in…

Still dithering tho.

Thanks for the responses. :slight_smile:

Another vote for JF, here. I enjoy Noor, but JF would be an excellent fit for you since you only have one other burn and you could easily run JF and Marjana in separate war teams.

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I have maxed Noor, no regrets, I enjoy her in both raids and PVE.

JF is significantly better, fast speed, and a toolbox all by himself.

One more vote for JF!


if and after she is buffed; if she deserves it

yes; anti-def down is a unique skill


Personally I love Noor so far, she’s getting my next set of rings and I have her at 3/70 (pulled costume Azlar and didn’t have anyone for barbarian emblems so i raced him up) I’ve been using her on a team with Freya and their minions together do massive damage like hits over 100 each hit, with 15 minions it’s like the enemies HP just melts away. The rest of that team is Heimdall Athena and Malosi. With his overheal and the minions that team is crazy hard to kill in wars etc. and Athena’s defense down with the strong minions is just killer


Im jealous of the synergies you have built up in that team

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Easy choice here I think. JF all the way. Noor is borderline useless at slow mana speed. She’s a 25% SLOW healer essentially with a VERY niche minion removing skill. Her best skill is the 30% elemental defense buff, but Freya outclasses her with a non color-specific 30% defensive buff at FAST mana and some beefy, powerful minions to boot! You can basically fire Freya twice to Noor’s once!! Noor needs a substantial buff before even considering her IMO.

But Freya doesn’t buff raven minions, when she buffs Noor’s 25% attack minions they shred the other side. Especially on map levels and farming she’s fantastic