Marjana or Jean Francois

Yes I know but I have Domitia and I kinda like my Scarlett with the emblems for now… I’ll wait and see!

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+1 for Marjana, I have Marjana maxxed and JF 3.70 (but he will be my next red, waiting 2x more rings). Marjana is solid fast sturdy sniper.

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I have both and I strongly advise you to level Maŕjana before JF.

JF is not bad but he lacks of firepower. Maŕjana is the only affordable red sniper (only one ? Don’t really know if we can call Tyr a sniper), she’s really useful as such. I’m really disappointed by JF damages although his water resistance buff and defense flip is a nice tool against vela/finley if you don’t have mitsuko.

You make a point here. If you raid in high platinum and provided he fires first, he can really support your team well against blue killers (and there are many blue damage dealers). Plus there are so many people who just stupidly forget you shouldn’t debuff defense when his special is activated. At the end of the day, I think I’ll settle on a “why not both” argument!

@aer3 Where did you get this reference from? It looks useful. :wink:

I’d go jf he done me good first 5* Red iv gave rings too long term I think he be better, it’s doubtful ill give emblems to him as have guin and zeline nearly maxed and guin prob take them as Kingston took fighter over poseidon it’s kinda looking at your rosta in the long term.

I got the info from the herobot on a discord server I’m on.

I know I could probably technically invite you, but it feels strange inviting people to join a server that isn’t mine. Instead, here is the link provided by the admin in another forum post.

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Sounds good! Thanks for the info!

I will also vote Marjana, don’t have JF but I have met each of them on defense, JF has not been a strong problem as Zim would eventually clean his DoT, but for Marj I might have one man down.

My Rouge emblems are on Marjana at the moment…Zim + Marj kill anything including some blues…

Yes I agree with you but in my case have both but can only level 1 hehe, but thanks and yes don’t have any rogue heroes so have about 300 emblems waiting for her but I really like the damage of Francois but don’t have any emblems to him, it makes the decision even worst

If you cant emblem Jf id go with Marj with plenty emblems available you can rise her atk up.
You will use her in war , raids even titan if you dont have another better hero( in terms of tile damage).

I have JF and i like him very much but i see him a luxury and support hero. (pretty strong in my defense along Ursena and Vela ) Good in stacks for his elemental link which provides a crit boost, but here id like to do a stop. If you have Wilbur and Falcon you would prefer some direct hit to do high damage (like azlar , scarlett etc)

So , its up to you and who fit better in your roster

Got Kelile but just at the beginning of 3rd chevron so if I give her the hidden blades then won’t have to the others but never realised how close they were the 4 and 5 stars, thanks for the info, will be keeping an eye In the future :smiley:

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I have both and I’d ascend JF for sure. Until JF gets attack emblems, his damage is extremely underwhelming. But if you pair him with BT, he becomes very good. His defense feature is great in season 3. Defense up against blue is helpful against the blue terrors out there.

What I don’t like about Marjana is her super low attack. My alliance faces Telluria every second war and … that low attack just doesn’t help at all. I still use Marjana (red lacks snipers) and she is still useful, but against Telluria, that’s her main flaw. She can kill with the DOT though, if there are no cleansers.

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Please send me an invite, have downloaded discord but not sure how it works :cry:

Well not doing the maths but think is 50/50 at the moment, the GOD’S of this game are cruel, giving me 2reds and none purple hehe but it’s life, just finishing to level Evelyn so have a few days before I decide, also will be leveling Sartana as I finally got the last tabard, so decision now is going with 2 snipers or 1 and JF, have about 300 emblems waiting on Marjana but none for JF as they are on Kiril at the moment but have emblem to take them, so still on this dilemma :cry:

Which hero would be your tank? what league are you playing ? (you may have a 4* that fit that role if max Marjana).
Jean Francois could fit that position (tank)

I usually use Rigard +19 as my tank or sometimes use Kiril +11 and I’m between 2100 and 2300 cups, 9 and 10 star titans, thanks

I have JF, and I like him. I have no regrets about giving him my rings. I don’t have Marjana, but I reluctantly give her my vote. I believe fast snipers are usually the best way to go.

JF is a monster in Buff Booster tourneys, though XD

Nah jean is hitting all heroes with 300 burn damage and his defense buffs makes him dang tough I disagree with your assessment sir

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