Ring of fire - Mariana or JF?

I’m facing a tough dilemma, so I would like to get a piece of advice.
During last Atlantis I managed to pull JF and I was really happy as my red 5* alternative was only Khagan.
Rings are secured so after finishing Falcon and Bauchan, JF was queued :slight_smile:
However in the meantime my tc20 decided to deliver classic snipers - last week it was Liana, while today - Mariana joined the rooster.
And I’m puzzled…JF was no brainer for me because f2p cannot be picky :slight_smile: but now I’m stuck…
Therefore your expertise is warmly welcome :slight_smile:
In order to provide full picture, these are my 5*:
Ares, Seshat x2, Joon, Kingston, Isarnia (max)
3/70: vivica, thoth, kadilen, elkanen, ranvir, thorne
1/1: Liana, Mariana, Khagan, Leo, Justice, Quintus.

Have a look here


Thanks :slight_smile:

Sesh Ares Isa Jean King

Multiply your crit chances…

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