Jean Francois vs Marjana

Hey guys.

Need a bit of forum help. My Marjana is sitting st 3 70 waiting for one more set of rings. Was planning on ascending her as soon as i would receive them but today i got Jean Francois and i am having second thoughts. Any opinions on him based on gamelplay/ beta would be well apreciated. He seems pretty good on paper but i i think Marjana is a great classic hero as well.

If you do not have a sniper Marjana. Jean is good, but Marj has up front damage letting you squash the enemy faster.

Jean is more decent in red stacks, and vs defense down heroes like Kunchen.


hey , it is depends on ur other maxed 5* u have and ur war defense setup. i have marjana maxed @18 talent as guinevere flank on my defense team and if i get JF he has no chance to be on my defense team bcoz i have hel on wizard class for next talenting.also marjana is rogue and she is game changer class by her evades.if u have no rogue in ur defense setup my vote for marjana(she is sniper too).if u have rogue in ur defense jf is good choice.(if u have no other wizard class on ur war def). also jf is a good protector against def down heros (isarnia, athena , grimm,kunchen…)

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this are my maxed heroes. I have some good flanks in vela and zeline. And some good snipers in Magni and sartana.

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Guess it just depends on what you want… a hero that does 500-550ish damage to 1 hero with slow burn after or a hero that does 350-400 damage to all heroes with a quick burn and some defensive capabilities.


I would go with Jean based on that roster.

Keep the emblems you have on Zeline already but he’ll be a good candidate to get some spare ones – in my experience he was best going the attack path unless you plan on tanking with him (and given that you have Ursena, you don’t need him as tank).

Defense aside, I really like him as an offensive hero. His damage is just decent (better with emblems), however his burn is quick and it’s to all enemies. That can be helpful for getting a hero down to sniper range or for finishing off enemies.


That’s what i’m thinking. With some emblems and troops i can take his burn up to 400 in 2 turns. To all enemies. That’s pretty good for a fast mana imo.


I am in the same situation. I have Marjana at 3/70 needing only one rings to ascend. I’m already feeding someone else rogue emblems, so Marjana won’t get any for a while. Yet I have Sartana waiting in the wings to receive Wizard emblems, so not sure if I would give the Wizard emblems to Jean Francois instead. I have a pretty good mono Purple team already though (Khiona, Jabberwock, Costume Rigard, Tiburtus, Gafar, Sabina), but not so much red. Most of my maxed reds aren’t even hitters (Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Boldtusk, Grazul) so it seems to make sense to max Marjana even though she won’t get emblems? It’s difficult to make a decision, especially since I think mono red teams don’t have much use.

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I’m leaning towards JF. Played him during this event and really liked him. Also have Vela maxed so i think they will work together really well as flanks. I think people are against him because 1) they keep comparing him to GM and 2) they keep comparing him to his original card (604 burn over 4 turns). @Orichalcum-Aife


I am in the same situation.
I already have Anzogh maxed, and in my head will at least replace him with JF. Any though?
Here is my rosters.
Already have snipers (Poseidon, Magni, Seshat and Kingston).
I think I will bring him to 3.70 1st.

  • Grazul
  • Jean-François
  • Marjana

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If you have Boldtusk and Wilbur for your red stack, Anzogh will work much better than JF. So will Marjana. JF gets no synergy at all with the def down of Wilbur and attack up of BT, so Anzogh becomes a stronger hitter than JF in that stack. And Anzogh also heals.


While JF doesn’t benefit from the attack up, he does protect the defense from flipping Wilbur’s defense up

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Yes, correct I already have that great mono red stack synergy, and would not change for a moment.
I want to create another use for attack team mono or combine 3-2. And also thingking replace my defense Anzog (tank).

Just like the OP, have already decent sniper.
@DaveCozy, @Olmor, @Guvnor or anyone, any adivice please?

I think JF is a better standalone hero than Anzogh. Anzogh is better with wilbur and boldtusk so you’ll get more of him in a red stack. Other than that i would go JF.

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Yes, correct, but Anzogh is already maxed, so other competition are Marjana and Grazul.

Plenty of snipers & healers

JF offers DoT which is amazing at dealing with Aegir as it is the same damage irrespective of buffs etx…

Grazul is nice but you already have 5x 4* healers AND Vivica… Need more damage imo.


Grazzy or JF?
Grazzy also does @70, but Mr. Fireball has to be maxed.

Marja or JF? Depends imo.
For me it would be Mr. Fireball, since he’s sth like a bad mix of Grazzy and Gravey.


Wow, this is great positive and not in my head, thanks, we have so many blue tank in AW.

Well okay, but actually it is more: Rigard, Sabina, 2x Kiril, Melendor, 2x Boldtusk. So it is 7x healers. And 2nd Rigard is almost maxed.

Correct, she is sturdy at 3.70, just like Miki and Grimble. :sunglasses:

OK, well great unique comparation :sunglasses: :coffee:

Thanks… will going to JF, I have 10 rings. I will keep on eyes in the JF thread after he is at 3.70.


Either J.F. or Grazul.

You already have solid damage with Wilbur + Falcon + Anzogh in red so I don’t see Marjana as super necessary for you right now.

So JF for a BBQ all enemies special that also protects you from Finley, or Grazul for an all around ailment protection special


Finally decided and went JF guys. Will come back with a review after i have him at 4 80.


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