Level Marjana or wait for Jean-Francois?

I was lucky enough to pull Marjana during Grimforest and have begun the road to leveling, but am now second guessing my push and am considering waiting to see if I can pull Jean-Francois instead come February. I am not hurting for snipers and his current stats (with the understanding that anything may change upon his release) are awesome. Am I nuts for wanting to wait or should I continue with Marjana to final ascension?

I should note that in war our alliance uses blue tanks and I would like to use said hero as a flank opposite Zim Kitty.

Well if the question is if I think Jean (as is) is better than Marj then my answer would be yes. Is it worth waiting? My answer is proceed with caution. I’ve heard of teammates pulling hundreds of times and they didn’t get the hotm they wanted. If you’re reserving 4* mats for a hotm you dont have you might end up overspending and setting yourself up for disappointment. With all that being said, if you’re comfortable with the heroes you have and dont mind waiting for a hero you might not get then go for it.

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Marjana is solid and is generally worth leveling, but it’s hard to imagine JF won’t be appreciably better, even if he gets nerfed a bit before actually arriving. Marjana is decent on defense and offense, but is one of the weaker snipers and her poor attack stat makes her bad option for titans. So much of her damage is in her burn that Kingston’s arrival has hurt her value as well, as he is such a prominent fixture of so many D teams now.

The big question is how many rings do you have. If you have them to spare then Marjana is an easy call, but if you think it will be many months before getting 12 rings to max them both then I can appreciate waiting. That being said, two months is a long time to wait on what might be a very small chance of landing JF. I was a similar situation in September debating between maxing Lianna or waiting on Kingston and ultimately decided I’d rather have the maxed hero than wait on a chance of getting Kingston. I wound up getting Kingston afterward and am still several tonics shy of maxing him, but don’t regret the decision.


Thank you both for the replies. I’m not banking on receiving him, and understand the chances of pulling any hero are slim, just wondering overall he is the better hero. I’m at least taking Marjana to 3.70 and have no problem waiting it out until February.

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My recommendation would be for you to wait for JF. Marjana scores a solid A in the herograding release, but I’m certain, based on stats and what I’ve read, JF is going to score an A+. The only other fire heroes that score that high are Black Knight and Gravemaker. Hold out for him. Just a few more days to go.

JF receive just an B in Overal Grade (Anchor’s Hero Grading).

I have the same doubt…waiting and trying get JF or max Marj…but today is Feb/27 and not even close to get HotM yet.

My red team is Mitsuko, BK, Kaghan and some epic heroes…

I have both and use both, no regrets on either one

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I had the same dillema. Went with JF. A bit dissapointed with his two turns burn. But he’s useful. If you don’t have any snipers go Marj. If you need a support hero go JF. Also keep in mind that JF has a lot of competition for emblems while Marj is one the best rogues.

Who would you level between JF and zimkitha?

Depends on what you need. If you don’t have a 5* cleanser, I’d probably go for Zim.
Have her since she came out and really like her. Also got JF, but not fully maxed yet, so can’t really say much. I like his special, he is really great, too… Tough decision

Don’t have Zim and i can’t say that she is scary in raids. But a fast 5* cleanser is a very useful tool these days. JF is decent. I use him but i still think he needs at least a turn for that burn or some direct damage to shine. I’d probably go Zim for her cleanse and because she is better in a stack than JF.

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