Mana Calculator Spreadsheet

I made this a while back when there used to be only very fast, fast, average, slow, and very slow. It is still a work in process because I’m not sure if we have established exactly what speeds Slayer and Styx are at. Sure… around 11, around 6/9/12, but when using the spreadsheet, even a .1 tile/shield can mean the difference between 6 tiles and 7.

Here is a Youtube video made around midnight… so not exactly at my most lucid. But the premise is simple. Change the mana speed from the drop down (vf, f, a, s, vs), add your troop mana gen percent, your emblem percentage, a costume percentage, or a hero mana gen from Ariel or Costume Yunan. The boxes will tell you based how many tiles you need to charge.

If you have a chunk mana hero like Xnolphod or Ahhotep (or any of the 3 Kingdom heroes getting between 3 to 10% chunk mana for getting a minion), then you can enter the amount in the chunk mana box, and based on the percentage presently listed… it will tell you how many tiles you need moving forward to charge a hero. Play with it… if you have any questions… I’ll be around to say… ‘Why would you do that?’

Evidently you have to be logged into your google account to edit a shared google doc.


Not that there has been a flood of people using the calc… but it is updated with the latest regarding styx, slayer, etc.


Just had a look :slight_smile: Nice project!

But yes, can´t use it without the video, so that might be putting people off of using it. Might help to write a short description on the spreadsheet itself.

I also would put a “clean” sheet up that is not editable, make people download their own version of it. So people don´t get a sheet that is messed up by the previous user (who if they don´t know what they are doing may have messed with the calculations by accident)

Some thoughts that might help to make it more user friendly:

  1. Put a bright background (say bright blue) behind the fields where the user has to input data, grey out all the intermediate steps that most people have no interest in (so they are still visible for the nerds like myself), but only highlight the very last row again (red or something) where the result is that people really care about.
  2. Write a short legend what T H E O means and chunk. Maybe work over the row headers again? I think what you call “rounded up” should actually be called “tiles needed”, as that is what people want to know. What you call “tiles needed” is just an intermediate calculation.
  3. Why are there 6 spreadsheets? Are they all the same? For war teams or something?
  4. I think having 5 heroes in the sheet is a neat idea in some situtations (when looking at how one hero affects other heroes), but in general, I would prefer a 1 hero approach. Instead I would want all of the possible mana speeds next to each other. So I personally would rather have a ninja on one page but all 3 charges next to each other. I know I can just put the 3 speeds next to each other and leave the other 2 spots empty, but to me this just seems the more logical base configuration and it would save me from entering the same data 3 times :wink:
  5. Another idea might be to let people just choose heroes by name (like through a dropdown menu) to make it more approachable? Requires quite a bit of data input by you first though… Not sure, I personally am fine with mana speed, but some people may think more about their heroes than mana speed in general.

Also not very high expectations, people in general are afraid of spreadsheets… Put the exact same thing on a webpage and people think it´s easy. If it looks like a spreadsheet they are scared to even touch it. Psychology…

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You can’t edit the sections that did the calculations… And while I’m sure there is a more user friendly version… I like to think… This is gold baby… Don’t ask me to shape it into a ring.