🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms

Compare this guy to Khufu and Lhoui. Why is he slow speed again? I get that he speeds up when you add minions to him but still. He’s too slow imo to be a hit all minion summoner. Reduce the damage output and raise his mana speed.

Yes, but Khufu is out of control and way overbuffed. This guy is what a slow hero should be IMO. Strong, but not crazy. I hope to god a bunch of heroes as powerful as Khufu don’t come out or everyone may as well just play mono and gamble for the wins every time.


I’m not overly concerned… I can remove minions first before setting of my other heroes who buff themselves… At least that is how I see it in my mind.

Cao has great synergy with frosth. With frosth’s minions protecting his minions and the e-link, plus the minion passive. The one downside is they are both rogues and both with be starved with blems for a long time

Yeah, it can be done I think. Don’t have him so can’t test it out, but if you have him with a level 29 magic troop (+20%) and the mana node (+2%) and no other Kingdom hero

9 tiles = 9*1.22 = 10.98 tiles
3 minions from Krampus + Frosth + Pengi for example (3% per minion) = 12 * 0.03 * 3 = 1.08 tiles
Total of 12.06 should charge him.

If you use a 2nd Kingdom hero like Xiahou Dun
3 minions @ 6% each = 12 * 0.06 * 3 = 2.16 tiles
In that case you just need 10% mana generation from troops or emblem node to get 9.9 tiles for a 12.06 total

LOL, now I want to pull him just for R&D purposes. Anyone willing to fund my research? :smiley:

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use this. Under mana chunk… Enter 3 for 3%… Or 6 or 9

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A full team equipped with his minions can dispell a whole enemy team fully buffed. On average, he would be too OP.

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Spot on… But even 2 minions at 6% only requires the emblem mana and 13% mana gen to charge in 9, which is only a lvl 23 mana troops which i dare say… Many people have.

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Mix in xnolphod… And most of these slow heroes are overpowered… Provided you can pull them.


Not sold on him for top tier. His damageoutput is way too low for his speed compared to others. Its nice that he is a summoner and dispeller but even then i don’t like those skills on slow heroes.

You sacrifice alot of survivability when using a slow hero on normal modes as you are more dependent on boards the more tiles you need. Therefore the slow hero has to have a big impact on the battle flow.

I don’t see that he has potential outside of rush or teams that provide direct manaboost.


Seeing in one’s mind AND actual game reality is different.

Having the hero to actually play that scenario & imagine in one’s mind is taking imagination to another funny level.

I don’t do any of that….but share possible scenarios and uses of the hero.

FYI, Cao Cao does a lot more than what I have said in my video.
In the end, Player use creativity will be supreme instead of theoretically talks…

Zeline, Louhi and many others do that anyway at faster speeds already…

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It’s always board dependent… But i like dolgoon… He’s a fast defense up option at 5 tiles… Mix that with a Grimble… And you can survive the initial damage, while throwing tiles at cao, and likely… Not always, charge Grimble and company to do the major damage.

No, they just dispell once… this guy here dispells as long as there are his minions. So the arguments is not valid. Cao Cao can theoretically dispell forever, as long as there are other beefy minions covering his minions.


Throw him in beside a Hulda tank and you get her minions plus the mana buff! I would like to give that a test run!

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His minions aren’t even that beefy, plus you need to take another, faster minion maker to get the synergy you’re hoping for. If you took faster, offensive heroes who dealt damage, wouldn’t that be better? IDK. I just don’t think he fits my play style. The 4* that does the same thing at fast is, imo, more helpful.

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I’d probably pair him with Hulda/meilikki, motega pengi and xnolphod… And zhuge liang… And more often than not… I’d win.

Slow, don’t care. More than enough excellent slow heroes for rush already, this guy adds nothing.

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His minions are not beefy, but like every other hero he needs some complementary heroes to shine brightest. Your argument is still not valid :slight_smile: I can pair any monster of hero with heroes that don’t have a good synergy and still lose every raid. He has a unique skill and is reasonably fast.

With the recent buff, I had planned on using XHD, frosth diaochan and another hero to speed Cao.

Granted Cao is only 355 but I was able to get him to fast using lvl29 mana troops. Literally fire XHD and frosth and Cao was charged. Same when I fired diaochan freya

BUT his AOE is pretty meh. Yes I know he’s 355 but the point is his hit isn’t going to be lethal unless the defense is already weakened

I have 2 LB XHD so I already familiar with the minions but vs meta defense heroes, the minions died on any hits even with Freya’s defense up.

You’d think being able to get this hero charged faster would make a noticeable difference but it’s a disappointment.

FYI i was able to get Cao charged 3x between fast and average speed but at the cost of overwriting already healthy minions.

Maybe a different team setup would help but it’s a lot of trouble to get Cao to play like a good hero, as is now he’s pretty meh and certainly worse than his fast 4* general.

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