Mana calculator by Vikingblood80

Hey folks,

been busy for a while and here are the results.

May be you know the mana sheet by @Pollikin

I thought: Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have an interactive version of it? So I started creating it.

I came across some calculations of @ThePirateKing like ‘how many tiles still needed to charge your heroes?’ And I thought yeah…this must be the thing for a Mana calculator.

Here is how it looks:

Every cell where you can change something is marked in yellow. There are drop down menues everywhere. You don’t need to type anything.

Just choose mana speed of your hero, troops equiped, any bonus active, any prefilled mana and the sheet will tell you in the upper left corner how many tiles your hero still needs to charge.

You can use it for

  • raids / tourneys / wars (Rush: set to Very fast)
  • titan fights (items available)
  • adjust mana breakpoints
  • Ninjas

It took some time and I plan to update. Bertila, Malicna and heroes of “League of villains” are not yet included.

I need to thank many people for their feedback. Love goes out to you :heart:

@cadi @Euphoria @NeG @ThePirateKing @Saltyy

Thank you @Damirius for your pixel measuring mana gauge method. It really helped providing exact numbers for my calculator.

Here you can find my sheet. In order to use it you need to ‘save a local copy’.

2021/03/08 V 1.0



These look great VB. This is such a valuable resource, thanks for all your hard work.

Super Duper Cheers!


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military: for super effort and community spirit!


This is awesome @Vikingblood80 :star_struck:

Thanks for taking the time to generate and share this!:sparkles:



This is some really amazing work @Vikingblood80 … as expected from the master mathematician :slight_smile:


very nicely done! thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for this Viking. Really awesome!


Thanks for the amazing work @Vikingblood80 , this will answer all questions about mana issues :clap: :clap: :clap:


Good work, @Vikingblood80 !

Can you please fix Margaret’s dodge bonus? It’s flat 24% of mana, not 0.8 of mana unit.

Here’s the proof:

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It is not implemented with 0.8 (Alby) it is implemented with 2.4 mana units per dodge.

But yeah checked it and you are right. … need to change it.

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Update 2021/03/10 Version 1.1

  • Dodge bonus from Margaret/Little JohnC changed from 2.4 to 24%
  • Bertila added with 0.5 per destroyed minion (same wording as Misandra).

Next plan: add League of villains heroes.

Any comments/ suggestions on a different color scheme? For some users white on purple causes some trouble.


Love it. :heart_eyes:
Finally an easy/comfortable way to figure out the numbers.
Colours doesn´t bothering me at all.

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@Vikingblood80 … So very sorry to hear that you have left the game. It will be a great loss to the forum community. You are a very valued member and contributor, your posts and clear advice will be sorely missed by us all.
However, if the time to leave is right for you, then every respect.
Take good care of yourself, stay safe and very best wishes for your future endeavours

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