I can't math and I can't figure this out

I’m horrible at math, and I can’t figure this out without starting g point data, which I can’t find. My questions. Should I take a fast mana hero, Joon for example, to the 20th node and where should I stop with his mana troops. I don’t want to go further than I have to without benefit right now. And likewise for an average speed hero and a slow hero. Do they all still benefit from lvl 20 talent and lvl 30 mana troops???


Your welcome.

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Here is an upgraded version incl. costumes and family bonus.
Number of tiles is always hitting tiles in the chart, tiles in the void (ghosted tiles) count as double

Joon needs 8 tiles to charge, your +15% mana speed to get him to 7 tiles. The benefit for a fast hero is not that much. You still need 3 x 3match. Very fast and average heroes gain more, very fast goes to 6 tiles (2 matches) and average to 9 tiles (3 matches(


giving Joon node 20 would give him a mana bonus of 4%. He would only need lvl 17 mana troops to cut him down 1 tile.

Holy balls. You guys rock. This is stellar. Thank you much.

This is exactly what I needed. Now I can see that taking joon to 20, he’s currently 19, would only gain 1 tile and isn’t really worth the 250 emblems. Thanks again. Too perfect.

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Congratulations, all your mana troops double their chance of a critical hit for the next 24 hours.


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