Mana 10% bonus from Costumes [it’s actually 5%]

Does the 10%mana bonus in costumes makes and average hero into a fast one ?

Answer - No.


Note, small error in that it is level 29-30 mana troop which gives +15% mana bonus

Chart Explanation:

Chart indicates the break points for mana troops.

Essentially the left side defines the base parameters…

  • How many tiles each speed mana needs to charge
  • What % mana boost the troops give
  • What % mana boost the class bonus gives

The middle calculates how much mana boost is needed to change the number of tiles needed to charge the mana speeds.

The right side aligns those mana boost requirements with the troops levels/ class node combinations.

Sources of Mana Boosting

The sources of mana boost are:

  • Mana troops (5% / 7% / 9% / 11% / 13% / 15%, level dependent)
  • Class node (2% or 4%, class depending)
  • Elemental link (4%)
  • Special skills (24% - Ariel, Khagan, Bauchen, Sir Lancelot, Danzaburo, Brynhild)
  • Pirates Family Bonus (2%/ 4%/ 7%/ 12%)
  • Wonderland Family Bonus (2%/ 4%/ 7%/ 12%)
  • Sakura Family Bonus (2%/ 4%/ 7%/ 12%)
  • Costume Bonus (Select S1 heroes only - 5%)

Average to Fast

Average Mana = 10 tiles to charge (normally)
Fast Mana = 8 tiles to charge (normally)

From the Chart, to go from 10 tiles to 8 tiles needs a 25% mana boost.

This can be achieved using any combination of mana boost which gets to 25% (or more).
So you can do it with:

  • Costume Bonus (5%) + Level 29 Mana Troop (15%) + Elemental Link (+4%) + Class Bonus (2%) = 26%
  • Costume Bonus (5%) + Special Skill Buff (+24%) = 29%
  • etc…

Useful Tool

A powerful tool which can be used to calculate your offence Mana Boost can be found here:


Thank you very Mitch this is great stuff awesome

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No problems :slight_smile:

It’s a common question so it’s given me a chance to consolidate all my “normal” answers into a cohesive post! so Thank YOU :slight_smile:

It’s actually 5%:


Not sure if you have to redo your calculations, I didn’t check them because :sleeping:


Fixed :slight_smile:


Dear Support,

I was running raids with a custome Melendor + Zeline and custome Rigard + Seshat.
The customed heroes had a level 13 manatroop and a fast hero respectively. The +14% mana bonus (+5% from custome bonus + 9% mana bonus) should have made them fast heroes. Yet, when their fast counterparts (Zeline and Seshat) were charged with 9 tiles, the costume heroes were only close to charged

Fast requires only 8 tiles to charge. Could it be that you count them wrong? 'Cause bonus costume won’t make them “fast”, but instead of 10 tiles they now require 9.


With the costume bonus and the troop bonus they become “functionally” fast and not exactly fast. Are you sure you didn’t end up matching 8 tiles (which will charge a fast hero like Zeline or Seshat) instead of 9 tiles (which will charge all of them)? :slight_smile:

For example, in your first screenshot I see that you made a green diamond. So assuming that you made a green 3 match before that, that’s a total of 3+5=8 green tiles, which is enough to charge Zeline but not Melendor. You will need 3x 3 green matches to charge both Zeline and Melendor. And I am assuming you did the same in the second one as well, since you have a purple diamond there, which is once again 3+5=8 purple tiles. :slight_smile:


Hiya, I’ve shifted your thread to another one which I’ve given a pretty comprehensive answer to this question. Have a read up and shout if you got further/ additional questions.

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