It is possible to have semi-fast Vivica?

+4% node 20 + 5% C.Bonus +15% mana troops?

How many tiles she need to charge with this config?

From another thread:

So with all those bonuses you get a total of 24% so you can charge in 10 tiles (2 tile reduction to normal)


Between mana troop and 5% mana bonus, she will charge in 10 tiles.

Same holds true for any of the slow classic heroes that have a costume paired with a lvl 29 mana troop.


Thanks. So, blogger in video made an error) Because I know about Vivica from 10 tiles but 9 - for me was a surprise.

He said than Vivica can charge from 9 tiles(

If vivica could charge in 9 tiles, the game would be going more ape :poop: over her than they are telluria

But in a good way

Why Vivica from 9 tiles is more dangerous than Telluria?

She reduce mana randomly, she is not so resistant to tile damage. Average Vivica is worse than current Telluria in defence, in my opinion.

34% is needed to go from 12 to 9 tiles

12 / 1.34 = 8.95

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Sorcerer proc isn’t a guarantee, randomly happens, and from my experience seldomly happens

Even if it does it’s for 2 turns

Plus darks are loaded with dispellers vs non costumed vivica

And the best 4* cleanser in the game that many people have maxed multiples of already vs costumed vivica

If this was a year ago, sure but it would actually be a bit behind the curve now

Just my 2 cents

@Rigs 100% agree.

But with Telluria’s nerf, I want C.Vivica more and more)

I have 2 maxed, 3rd riding bench, and both costumes maxed and don’t even use the costume version

Cleanse > dispel in the current meta

I’d toss ya one if i could

The adjustment to ursena’s special skill devalued costumed vivica dispel quite a bit

But if I will got C.Vivica, I will got ordinary Vivica too.

Anyway, I want C.Vivica more than any other costume (Lianna is close second)

@KLinMayhem Are you making it back to the game buddy? Or just sharing your experience?

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Was wondering the same thing

Ps your name is close to one of our co leaders names lol, Son of Aragorn

I may be mixing Genres here, but there can be only one! :rofl:

Ill tell him I found his dad

Hi rigs

Was there a change to ursena special?
It still does gd damage with yellow reflect no?

And c. Vivca is only yellow dispeller


There was a change in how reflects work that are produced by mitsuko and ursena

Mitsuko reflect can’t be dispelled by blue

Ursena can’t be dispelled by yellow

So it reduced one of the main uses many had planned for costumed vivica

Still can’t get why Vivica is a slow hero. Rigard, Sabina, Melendor are average heroes, also heal a lot and dispel/debuff.

Her defense buff of 63% but magni is fast and wilbur is average


Magni only for nearby and no heals, plus very low defense to start with

Wilbur, 4* so less base stats than vivica and needs emblems to catch up to her defense & health wise but he still doesn’t heal

If they wanted to make her average, they would alter her defense buff

Which guess you could say they did with the costume but that’s basically a different special completely since the cleanse and buff are both lost, not just tweaked

Also upon original design; ailments weren’t as common as they are now and the game relied more on direct damage which her def buff and heal were better at countering/recovering from

Not the same game it was then so yea i wouldn’t argue against an “adjustment”

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Oh I see. Wasn’t aware of the change

So sonya can’t dispel mitsuko?

That sucks

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