Costume Average mana hero + Level 11 Mana troop

Just wanted to make sure that An Average Classic Costume hero gets 5% Mana bonus with level 11 mana troop (9%) gives 14% mana boost in total; this combination should technically charge heroes like Rigard, Boldtusk, Tiburtis, Li Xui in 9 tiles like a fast hero.

Let me know if anyone has tested this, gives me more reason to concentrate on the mana troops at the moment.

all you need is a lvl 5 mana troop to charge a costumed average hero in 9 tiles. But yeah, lvl 11 works as well.


Level 5 mana troop will give 7% bonus + 5% from the costume bonus = 12% which is not enough. 11 level gives 9% which will put the combination to 14% which is more than 13% which makes an average mana hero charge with 9 tiles as per the chart.

I want to know if anyone has tested this. Cheers

I was focusing to have lvl 11 for Kage/Jackal and fast 5* tournaments but when costumes appeared I did level second ones to lvl 5 for my average costumes. So yeah you only need lvl 5 for them.

And for your math: 9 tiles +12 % means 10,08 tiles. So you’ll charge average hero like that.


I’ve been running Rigard, Richard, and Melendor with costumes w/ lvl 5 mana troops. They charge in 9 tiles. Trust me.


The chart is missing the 12% column. It is enough to use a lvl 5 mana troop on costumed heroes with its 5% mana bonus to charge the hero in 9 tiles.

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You need 12% to speed up an average hero from 10 to 9 tiles. (Fast hero charges in 8 tiles so he is not fast. But faster than average😁)
Lvl5 mana is enough with 7% boost plus the costume bonus 5%

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Some math will be very helpful thanks :slight_smile:

The math is 10 tiles / 1,12 = 8,93 tiles. This means that it will charge with 12 % mana bonus. And a level 5 mana troop is enough to charge in 5 tiles.


Thank you! Can you break this down for me? Im missing something for sure since my calculation gives 9.63 for level 5 troops

It is simple. Bonus percent multiply mana from used tiles. We need to get more mana than required tiles. So we have:
used_tiles * bonus >= required_tiles
Using math rules we can change to this:
bonus >= required_tiles / used_tiles

In our case required=10 and used=9, so bonus should be >= 10/9 = 1.111
This means that 11% is not enough but 12% satisfy requirements


Thank you! that helps :slight_smile:

Possibly already answered but I’ll cross post some other stuff I posted elsewhere:

OP Question:

So an Average hero needs 10 tiles.

Break point for 1x less tile needs a 12% boost in mana generation.

Costume Bonus = 5%
Level 11 Mana Troop = 9%
Combined = 14%

Answer: Yes it will result in a single tile reduction - 9 tiles to charge.
Worth noting that you can get the same single tile reduction with a level 5 mana troop :slight_smile:

To get an additional tile off (8 tiles to charge) you need 25% mana reduction which (for a S1 hero) can only be achieved with a Special Skill Mana Boost

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Another approach:

If 1 tile gives 12% (+0.12) more mana, 9 tiles will give 9*1.12=10.08 tiles of mana, which is just enough to power up average mana hero.

On the other hand, level 17 mana troops give only 11% more mana per tile, which isn’t sufficient for powering up average mana hero, because: 9*1.11=9.99, so only 0.01 short, blast that rounding SG uses :wink:


Level 5 troops give 7% mana bonus. This means that by only having this, an average mana hero will be charged in 10/ 1,07 = 9,35 tiles.

There are two ways doing it. The one I do it (Kind of backward) or you can multiply the # of tiles with the mana bonus and see when it passes 10. So, 9 * 1,07 = 9,63 which is how you do it.

Your calculation is also correct. Mine shows that you would need 9,35 tiles sent at the target to charge up with only a level 5 mana troop, yours show that you will charge as 9,63 tiles when 9 tiles are fired. Both show that 9 tiles will not charge the hero with level 5 mana troop.
If you continue your calculation and end up with 9 * 1,12 = 10,08 you will see that a level 5 mana troop (7%) and full costume bonus (5%) is enough for it to reduce to 9 tiles. Same 10/1,12 = 8,93.

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Interesting is that Rigsrd costumed can get mana boost at level 8 emblemed. With 5 % boost he need level 1 mana troops to get to 12%

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