Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



But wooden shield only has extra drop chance in province 8 and 22. Farming 6 and 9 makes no sense.


I made it for the lest energy you use to find item yes there are higher provance that has those items as well but they tske more energy plus these one are the easies one for lower players to obtain items


Thanks again Mai!

Yeah, I found 9-1 off your spreadsheet yesterday, but I don’t really see the point to pushing levels other than ostensibly more loot per unit time (maybe, stamina refreshes assuming loot drops equal usefulness which I don’t think so looking at it)… it seems pretty clear leveling slows way down after some point just looking at profiles and their team and player level vs. my own hero development compared to my level , though I guess if one is mostly just looting one’s farms / mines that’ll damp down on level.

You are right: one day of solid farming 8-7 and then feeding on color heroes to my two reasonable pulls increased my ability to clear stuff substantially; part of this is just the newbie leveling curve I suppose but my newbie raid strategy suddenly kicked into high gear, and as I started tearing through 8-7 more easily, pushed up to 11-1 which I’ll try either tonight or sometime tomorrow… I suspect it’ll be easier than 10-6 to clear and that was doable with only slightly better than average luck so if I can improve things, off we go.

For reference for anyone who min maxes off Mai’s most excellent spreadsheet, and this was with some sloppy stuff like not managing resources well as I’m brand spanking new just in the last ~24 hours feeding only on color:

Red 4* 13->30 (first ascension)
Blue 4* 6->20 (first ascension)

Nothing but goodness, owe you a beer or probably several Mai!


But like, 6 and 8 has both 3 energy cost. There’s no reason for you to farm 6 when 8 has a higher drop rate. And this higher drop rate is really important, farming metal ores here, I got 3 in one same level, other provinces only drop 1 at a time. That’s a huge increase, you have to go for the right provinces for efficiency. If you can’t do higher levels, the 8-7 is the most efficient one regardless, it has great EXP and great items drops. Best bet.

8-7 the best farming stage ever? Forget that

Yes, it’s really fast until 20. After 20 it slows down horribly.


My phone won’t open the spreadsheet… but this is exactly the information I have been looking for… thanx mai.



Did the spreadsheet get whacked? Doesn’t appear to be at the linked location anymore.

Many thanks as always!


Google being google I guess. Try this:

Any change?


Works again, thanks Mai!


Mai, is the Titan data on your spreadsheet taken from this?:

Because some of those numbers were before the 1.5 update. You might wish to replace with this, which is all taken from AFTER:


Yes, the Titan one was more a personal use to figure out a few things about Titans, but I made changes and included your data if someone want to use it. BTW, do you have the 9* stats? :slight_smile:


You’re quite welcome to use my data, but the stats from the first picture are actually before and after v1.5. The second pic is all confirmed after v1.5 (after 7/1/17, in fact). (You’ll really notice the difference if you compare all the 5* numbers.)

I’m still waiting for 9* data, post-v1.5. Anyone feel free to post some below! :grin:


New data:

9* 2,420,000 § - Onyx Dragon
10* 2,970,000 (G) - Gorgon Queen

EDIT: Thanks Jennah and TommyG!


shoot! someone’s fighting new and improved 10*s!!! All I can say is Yowza!


I have changed the sheet so there is an easy column with the XP/energy data right at the beginning. I have also colored it red when it’s a decrease compared to the previous level, and green when it is an increase compared to the previous level, and made the edges pink when it is a special level, such a best farming for something (which you can check in the far right of the line).
Using this, I updated the levels ideal for farming and corrected a mistake I did. Previously I Included province 15 as part of “which levels to farm XP”, but that was incorrect. The right 5 energy level that start to be more profitable than the previous peak (12-9) is actually province 16, between 16-5 and 16-8. I will check those out as soon as I have some energy.
I apologize the misleading information of that segment, messed up the math somewhere.

I have done the same for the quests tab.


What about taking into account ascension materials and what level you can start getting those as rewards?


@Jas19illini, I talked about that, see:


Mai, did you intend to shorten “Campaigning” on your first tab? Maybe “Campaign” instead, which isn’t misspelled?

Love your spreadsheet!


11.6 best for farming red monsters, 4 energy and you get 9-12 red monsters.


That’s an yellow-red level, with 9-15 yellow-red chance and 2 red bosses. The only guarantee is the 2 bosses. I did the level to check out, got 1-1-3-2, that’s 7 red monsters for 4 energy, barely 2:1 energy. It does have the extremely low chance of 17 red in only level, but also the extremely low 2 red in one level.

It is for sure a viable alternative. My low level alternative is 6-8, a blue-red level with 9-15 blue-red chance, no guarantees, but only 3 energy. Paying a single more energy for 2 guarantees is not bad at all, since the best high level one is 11 monsters for 6 energy.

Actually calling any of these “best” is just wrong, but they are definitely equally OK. I’ll add that suggestion.

More tries: