Update for season 2


Good day everyone,

I would like to ask you if there is any update regarding this link:
Lots & stats

I’m using this link quite often and I can’t find anything on the forum regarding it.

Looking forward for some help,

Thank you and have nice and lovely day with E&P


Nice resource - I haven’t seen it before, but I really like it. What exact update are you looking for? Season 2 tables?


Sorry, just seen it in the title :slight_smile: Maybe the author will respond about Season 2 here.
I am willing to help to build the table if someone needs it.


This appears to be the original data from

@Mai is no longer active on the forum or game, as far as I know, and that data hasn’t been updated in quite a long time.

@hotdamnmess has been undertaking a similar project, updated to include runs from Season 2, at least one version of which can be found here



@madmarv created that spreadsheet to pull data from mine, since mine is so big that it doesn’t play nice with people who use phones to look at the spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, I don’t have edit access to his spreadsheet, to find out what the problem is.

Until he figures out the problem, you can use the original spreadsheet… just be warned that it’s a giant monster, and doesn’t work on all phones.

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@hotdamnmess well that is a monster of a spreadsheet… there should be some sort of award for that. :laughing:

Is there a thread related to it? Also, do you want/need help collecting data? That’s a big job…


LOL!! Actually, there is a group of us collecting and entering data. We are in desperate need of more data monkeys to enter the data that we’ve collected so far.

If you’d like to help out, we’d all be grateful for the help. You can reach me on Line at ‘iamericap’ and I can get you into the group.


Hello… i am a newbie player still learning the ropes. Don’t have all of season 1 unlocked yet, but would like to help if you need it. Unless you need only players with all levels unlocked.


@Vicky as we are mainly focused on season 2, you couldn’t help with gathering the data, but we are in desperate need of more data monkeys to enter the data that we’ve collected into the spreadsheet. If you want to be a data entry monkey, we’d be very grateful!


It’d be great if you could also add elemental farming levels. 2-3-8/norm seems to be the new best fire level.


Please use this link instead of the other one. This summary sheet is mobile-friendly and can be read on your phone.


Any chance you can make the full data set available so we can see the loot frequencies for all loot on each level?


There’s yet another ongoing project to combine HDM’s spreadsheet with a couple other data sets. Once those gets merged together I think the project leader will share that.


Lots and lots of good info here, thank ya’ll for all your hard work!!!


@madmarv @hotdamnmess
I’ve recently discovered this datasheet and I’d like to contribute.
In case can I use the last link in this thread or there’s a new one? I have a different link with a sheet specific for each stage which I guess is the way to put data in